The Japanese mobile fansite recently revealed the individual stories of each member for the music video “Time Machine”. Below are the pictures and the translated stories for each member. The lyrics for “Time Machine” can be found here.

Sitting in the back seat of a luxury car. Jessica knows the relationship is ending.
In order to fit into her boyfriend’s busy life, who focuses everything on his company, she overextends herself. Even now, only his car comes around to meet her. When that happens, it’s frustrating.
Even riding in the car, he is not next to her. She doesn’t need expensive clothes and bags anymore.
She wants to return to her real self. You can see a little hope in that sad face.

Yoona is waiting until her wedding ceremony. But, feelings of an ex-boyfriend have always been lying somewhere in her heart.
Yoona is running. It doesn’t matter what her ex-boyfriend is doing now. She runs toward him thinking if there might be a chance to go back to the old times.
Instead of the chapel rice shower, it is like the falling snow is blessing the new Yoona.
She tries to go back to him. No matter how it ends up.

Right now, the relationship with him has ended. Sunny runs out of the store as the rain’s tears fall.
There wasn’t supposed to be any regrets. When they broke up, she put on a strong facade and dressed in a black set up. It rains so it can hide her crying visage. After a long bout of crying, Sunny walks forward.
There is a slight flow of hope in her expression.

Right now Taeyeon is happy. However, inadvertently thinking of the past, she thinks of a past boyfriend. In that contented life, just thinking about it causes her chest to tighten.
It was fun when they were going out. Just the smallest mistake and they went their separate ways.
She often thinks about what would have happened if they continued to be together.
Without a doubt, right now she is happy. But what if it was a different kind of happiness.

Hyoyeon is waiting for her ex-boyfriend. But she doesn’t know if he’ll come. She arbitrarily told him she wanted to meet him. If she was able to go back in time, she would call him desperately. Hyoyeon looks at the time, but he doesn’t come. The men’s size antique Rolex she received from her grandfather is a little big for her wrist. Only time passes. Afterward, when she stops looking at her watch, she looks to the sky.
The light of the evening street lamps lights her face.

In the middle of a mansion, Seohyun is in an all white room.Inside a gentle white room, she wears all white clothes and wears a corsage on top her head. Her parents don’t like her going out. She knows that. She is what you call a sheltered daughter.
The boy that she had an unrequited love for went far away. she’s living in a dream where if she only went back into the past to tell him about her feelings.
But, building up her courage, she runs out. To him.

Sooyoung is alone in the hotel she is visiting for work. The person who calls is him. While talking they begin to quarrel. Somewhere among the busy days, they stopped seeing eye to eye. Thinking of it now, something like this shouldn’t have happened. She doesn’t want to show her crying face over the phone.
Sooyoung speaks of breaking up. After a few minutes of silence, the two laugh. They both laugh off their stubbornness.

Tiffany dashes through the park. This park is the perfect place where nobody will bother her.
After joining the company, she went out with a fellow co-worker repeatedly.
Just like that the word marriage came out, but one day he wanted to break up with her suddenly.
Even after many months passed, she still doesn’t know the reason. If they can’t go back, she wants to ask why. “Is it my fault?”
If she knew why, she would be able to move forward.

At home, Yuri grips her cell phone. Even if she waits the phone does not ring.
To distract herself from the loneliness, she has a party with friends. When her friends go home, the loneliness comes back. In reality, she already realizes that it ended somewhere. On the other hand, she still hopes to continue on with him.
The hand that grips the cell phone becomes tighter.

Source: Japanese Mobile Fansite
Written by: SeraphKY@soshified
Translated by: arghninja@soshified, SeraphKY@soshified, redsunset@soshified
Edited by: letaengbutt@soshified

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