On March 9th, members of Girls’ Generation’s fan cafes CISTUS and Hwa Soo Eun Hwa, and Taeyeon’s Naver fan cafe, Hwaitaeng, celebrated Taeyeon’s birthday through a newspaper ad.

For Taeyeon’s 23rd birthday, fans created the words for the ad by linking the titles of songs that Taeyeon sang as a solo artist.

Fans that are part of Girls’ Generation’s fan cafes each donated approximately 1,000,000 won in happy beans to the Green Umbrella Child Fund, and they also did volunteer work.

They named the day “TaengTanJeol” (the day Taeyeon was born) and posted their happy birthday messages online.

Netizens commented, “Wow! Happy birthday, Taeyeon. Taengoo goddess~” and, “Taengoo noona, the entire world focuses on you! I give you congratulations. Taeyeon’s birthday is TaengTanJeol”.

The advertisement reads:

“‘If’ you weren’t born into this world
We probably wouldn’t have been able to meet

Because you who shines “Like A Star” exists
we can smile and be happy

‘Can You Hear [Me]’ our precious feelings that we are delivering to you
the thanks that can not be expressed in words

While it’s difficult delivering
the simple words “I Love You”

You laughing, you crying, every one of those moments
are always living and breathing in our hearts

To us, ‘It’s Love’.

March 9th is Girls’ Generation’s ‘Taeyeon’s’ 23rd birthday.
The girl who puts her heart into sound, ‘Taeyeon’, happy birthday.

‘Let’s remain as fans and a singer who is not embarrassed of one another forever^^'”

Fans around the world celebrated Taeyeon’s birthday on Twitter, as “#TaeyeonBDay” trended at fourth place worldwide.

In response to all of the love that she recieved, Taeyeon posted a heartfelt message for fans on SMTown’s website.

The full message reads:

“Wassup sone?^^ Hi hi.
How are you all? This is Taeyeon!!
That day has come back. hehehe~
According to the time, it has passed already. But i’ll post even though it’s late!!
I don’t know what to do, because I feel like I receive so much every year, so I’m a bit embarrassed, too ^^.
Today, no yesterday, I had a good day, happy as ever.
I had a party with the people I love the most, ate, and took pictures. Hehehehehe.
It wasn’t a full gathering, but even if we don’t say anything, even if we can’t reach one another, we all know and feel the same. Hehe.
My loving members, thank you and I love you. I love SONEs, too.
I have a lot to say right now to be honest. I have a lot to say about this and that.
None of my thoughts are organized, because I’m trying to think of it all at once. Darn.
You’re worried because of my hurt toenail, right? It’s actually taking some time for it to become fully healed. I’m getting better, so no worrying… nonono^^.
Please look forward to our flashy upper body movements on Music Core. Heheheheh.
To all our loving SONEs. We’re very very thankful and touched. We feel happiness every year, because you all wish us a happy birthday and give us love every year.
I really think I’m rich…. rich on love +_+ kkya kekeke. I will return all of it.
So love me some more…… love me… r i g h t … n o w………… chwaha (Editor’s note: imitation of Lee Hyun Woo’s laugh).
Anyways, everyone, let’s communicate some more ^^.
Soon, we will make that chance for us to talk a little more often and get closer.
Thank you, and I love you ^^. SONE jjang! Me jjang! Hurray SoShi jjangjjangjjang!”

Don’t forget to leave a message on Taeyeon’s birthday thread, and be sure to read the special dedication from Soshified to Taeyeon.

Source: bntnews.com, smtown.com
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Written by: [email protected]
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