Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon will make a surprise appearance on SBS sitcom, “Salamander Guru and the Gang”.

On February 10th, there will be a scene where genius hacker Minhyuk (played by SHINee’s Minho), who is searching for his father, almost kisses the daughter of a wealthy family, played by Taeyeon.

In order to avoid discussing her arranged marriage, Taeyeon escapes her home by going out a window and climbing down a pole. Taeyeon falls from the window and lands on top of Minhyuk, who is busy investigating below. Soon after, Taeyeon falls in love with Minhyuk and tries her best to captivate the cold Minhyuk by talking with a lisp (Editors note: It’s implying that Taeyeon is trying to talk with aegyo), using eye smiles and showing other types of aegyo.

Minho stated, “Taeyeon’s appearance was greatly supportive to me. Despite her tight schedule appearing on the US CBS talk show and performing in Paris, she did not refuse the overnight filming. I am deeply thankful for her supporting me throughout the numerous shoots.” The staff also stated, “Taeyeon’s first acting attempt was good. Her lines and expressions were all perfect. With Taeyeon’s appearance, other male staff members, along with Minho, were able to work more energetically than ever.”

Meanwhile, in this episode, BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and INFINITE’s L will also be making cameo appearances along with Taeyeon.

Source: AsiaToday
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: LetsGo@soshified, michaelroni@soshified

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