Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung received a very special birthday gift.

Girls’ Generation’s fanclub CISTUS decided to perform volunteer service to commemorate Sooyoung’s 23rd birthday on February 10th. (Editor’s note: Sooyoung is 22 according to her Western age and is 23 according to her Korean age) Every year, this fanclub has held donation and volunteer service events to celebrate the birthdays of every member of Girls’ Generation.

On February 4th, members of the fanclub visited the “One Love Facility for Young Disabled Kids” in Gwangju, where they volunteered in Sooyoung’s name to clean and look after the kids. They also donated Naver Happy Beans to a children’s organization. (Editor’s note: Happy Beans are a charity item within Naver. People who make lots of blog/cafe posts, comments, and email replies are given Happy Beans. They are worth a few hundred won, and can be donated to various charities and foundations.)

In addition, CISTUS congratulated Sooyoung on her birthday by posting an advertisement in Sports Chosun. The advertisement made use of Sooyoung’s comment in a show, where she said, “I’m very envious of Yuri, who is really good at swimming”, and grabbed the readers’ attention by writing, “Until Sooyoung wins a gold medal in swimming, we love you”.

The entire advertisement reads:

“February 10th is ‘The Day of Sooyoung’s Birth’
It’s Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung’s 23rd birthday.

The loving heart
The longing heart
The waiting heart
The pounding heart
The laughing heart
The joyful heart
That is the hearts of S♡NEs

With all the loving hearts gathered together,
We wish you a happy birthday

We wish that you are always healthy, and that your happiness and laughter stays with you.

Girls’ Generation fan cafe ‘CISTUS’. Oppa/Samchon Support Group ‘Gateway to Soshi Heaven’

Until Sooyoung wins a gold medal in swimming, we love you…^0^”

(translator’s note: “Sooyoung” means “swimming” in Korean)

Fans on Twitter also celebrated Sooyoung’s birthday, as “Happy Birthday Choi Sooyoung” trended in second place worldwide.

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Sources: Sports Chosun, [email protected]
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: taengsoshi@soshified

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