On December 2nd, Girls’ Generation once again faced off against the Wonder Girls and won the KBS Music Bank K-Chart with “The Boys”, making it their sixth win in a row. “The Boys” now holds the record for the third most consecutive wins on Music Bank, following “Gee” and Jewelry’s “One More Time”. In addition, since their nine week winning streak with “Gee”, Girls’ Generation is the only artist to win more than five consecutive Music Bank K-Charts in a row.

Despite having what was believed to be their goodbye stage two weeks ago, Girls’ Generation returned to Music Bank last week to continue their performances as they recorded their fifth win. The girls, adorned in the white outfits they also wore for the Mnet Asian Music Awards, came back for yet another performance of “The Boys” this week, delighting fans worldwide.

Girls’ Generation themselves expressed their happiness towards their sixth win, singing the fanchants for “The Boys” and calling for fans in the audience to cheer and make noise.

Check out the their performance of “The Boys”, their acceptance speech and encore below. Congratulations to Girls’ Generation!



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