Girls’ Generation performed the Japanese version of “The Boys” on Japanese music station Fuji TV’s “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Music Champ on December 19th. With the audio teaser released just days ago, it prompted fans to wonder whether the Japanese lyrics would flow well with the song. This is first time the Japanese version of “The Boys” has been heard in its entirety and performed on stage as well.

Girls’ Generation donned dark-colored outfits and put up an amazing stage. Fears that the Japanese lyrics would seem weird in the hit song were quickly put to rest, as fans exclaimed their delight over the new version. Girls’ Generation appeared on the show alongside other famous artists from Japan and Korea such as SMAP, BoA, TVXQ and AKB48.

While Girls’ Generation is currently promoting “MR.TAXI” in Korea, the release of the Japanese version of “The Boys” and the repackaged album in Japan is expected to be a big hit, considering the double platinum success of their First Japan Album.

Check out the their performance of “The Boys” on “Hey! Hey! Hey!” below.

Written by: LetsGo@soshified
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