On December 30th, Girls’ Generation attended KBS “Gayo Daechukje”, the end of the year show for the network.

In the introduction of all the artists, which resembled entries of teams at a sporting event, Girls’ Generation came out first, dressed in the black and silver outfits they wore during their Christmas special. All of the artists had large banners with their names on them, and Girls’ Generation had a ribbon on theirs representing the girls’ award from the Korea Pop Culture Awards.

Later during the show, Girls’ Generation performed the song “Festival” as part of a medley of performances honoring the songs of Uhm Jung Hwa. The girls were bright and cute with shorts and white t-shirts, reminiscent of their “Gee” days. Fans clearly loved the happy performance, as “SNSD – Festival” trended second worldwide on Twitter.

Having already shown they can pull off a cute performance with ease, they dialed up the sexiness with their performance of “The Boys”. The girls started all sitting down in wedding style dresses, but then as the music started they got up and tore the bottoms off to reveal sexy white outfits. They went straight into a remixed dance intro that caught everyone’s attention before they settled into “The Boys”.

Check out Girls’ Generation’s special performances below, and tell us what you think!



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