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Perhaps it was the fatigue from last night’s concert or their incredibly tight outfits and high heels. Maybe it was their craving for chili crab as Yuri mentioned, but Girls’ Generation’s rather enervated moods were apparent throughout the short twenty-minute press conference at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which left journalists, photographers, and more especially us (pubsquash, cedge, doe, SethRyan), wanting more.

Dressed in their signature “Genie” outfits, the girls kicked off the press conference by posing and smiling for the cameras around the room. Following a short introductory speech from organizers, the question and answer session began.

Q: How does it feel to hold your first full-fledged concert here in Singapore?

Tiffany: We’ve been to Singapore a couple of times before but never had a performance of our own. And, after our first performance here and meeting the Singaporean fans, we felt that we’ve had such a warm welcome, and we hope that this visit will be the first of many.

Q: Tickets for the first night sold out in four hours, and after petitions from fans, you decided to extend our concert for a second night, which also sold out in four hours. How does that make you feel?

Seohyun: Even though we’ve been to Singapore before for other concerts and performances, but never on our own, we didn’t know what to expect. We were so surprised by all the love and support from the fans here, and we’re so happy.

Q: Some of our friends here haven’t seen the concert, so are there any particular parts of the concert that you love especially.

Jessica: Well, we released “The Boys” recently, and it’s the first time that we’ve put it into our concert.

Q: How did it feel like performing it last night?

Sooyoung: There’s a particular part of the song where Jessica goes, “G.G.” at the beginning of the song. Everyone was copying her and yelling in sync with her. It really exhilarated us, and we loved how we were able to enjoy performing the song together with the fans.

Q: You girls have taken on a very new style in the new album by trying out rap in “The Boys”. How was that like?

Tiffany: It’s actually not our first time rapping. After all, the girls have always been interested in Hip Hop and R&B type of music. We used to dance around and sing and rap when we were younger, so it didn’t feel very new, but it was certainly very exciting that the fans got to see us do it. Most importantly, I feel that it shows that our group is always up for challenges and taking on new experiences.

Q: You girls have a very tight schedule in Korea and all over the world. How do you cope with that, and how do you do you relieve stress?

Sooyoung: Believe it or not, we actually relieve our stress on stage during performances. We really enjoy performing, and more importantly, we really enjoy interacting with the fans. We really feel the love and support from them, and that keeps us going.

Q: Are there any types of unique Singaporean food dishes that you’d like to try?

Yuri: We heard that chili crab in Singapore is really famous. We’d love to try it but never had the chance to. Today, we tried ice kacang, and its unique flavors really reminded us of a Korean dish called “patbingsu”.


Our time with the girls was unfortunately up. While they may sometimes bemoan the long hours, we could tell from the twinkle in each of their eyes (SethRyan even managed to make eye contact with Yoona and Tiffany) as they left the stage that they were exactly where they wanted to be. They were producing music, taking on new experiences, traveling all over the world and performing for dedicated fans, and ultimately having nothing less than the time of their lives.







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