A boy and a girl dreamt a dream, and ran towards it, and at this moment, they are putting on a dream-like stage admist the attention and cheering from all over the world. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, who have matured through endless passion and attempts, will try to stand alone through the musical “Fame”.

Tiffany will be taking the stage as Carmen Diaz, who chases her dreams in “Fame”. This musical about performing arts school students dreaming of becoming famous is familiar to them, as they became stars after spending years in a practice room. However, we are curious as to whether they can overcome the pressure of having to sing and act as someone else for their first musical stage. To be completely honest, we also wanted to see how much effort they are putting into the musical, with their already busy schedule as Girls’ Generation [and Super Junior], the leaders of K-POP, hallyu fever. That was the reason why we visited their practice room.

When we arrived at the Namsan Arts Center…”pink princess” Tiffany was wearing pink practice clothes, practicing the choreography by following along with Shin Euijung, who was double cast for the role of Carmen. This was because the choreography was changed when she missed practice due to a cold. Rather than just watching, Tiffany followed along with each move, learning the order. Soon after, the actual dance practice began. All the students of “P.A.” High School of Performing Arts, who look forward to becoming the best and the day their names become known, all take part in “Hard Work”…Tiffany started memorizing Carmen’s choreography gestures outside the stage.

“There are so many things I want to do”, Tiffany

It seems you do the video recording yourself? Doesn’t your manager go around with you?
-Yes. The choreography’s changed a little, so I’m going to practice with watching it. My manager, because practice starts at 10 am, I just take the taxi. I even went to the hair salon by myself before practice. I have to practice a lot before I get busier.

Starting next week, promotions for your third album starts, right? I’ve been hearing that it’s going to be released in the US at the same time. How did you come to star in a musical with such a busy schedule?
-Our official third album released on [October] 19th. To be honest, after seeing my other members starring in musicals, I thought a lot about wanting to take an attempt in a new field. I practiced singing and acting in my spare time, and I just happened to get this chance. I’ve wanted to play the role of Carmen in “Fame” as well.

Now that you mention it, Taeyeon and Jessica, who you’re known to be close with, have both starred in musicals. I think Jessica mentioned you in an interview before. I think she said you were really jealous of her being in “Legally Blonde”?
-I was jealous. For like, 5 seconds? I was actually really happy and congratulated her a lot. I learned a lot from watching their performances as well.

Now that you’ve actually taken part in a musical practice, how is it? Is it fun?
-It’s really enjoyable. Carmen reminds me of the passion I had as a trainee, so I feel a little more attached. I think I will be able to express the feelings of wanting to become a star naturally. Although the passion and efforts put into fulfilling my dream is similar to that of Carmen, I’m worried because the more I practice, the more different her character seems.

I heard the practice runs from 10 am to 10 pm. Aren’t you tired? I heard you practiced until 12 last night?
-Haha. I think I work harder from wanting to do well. It’s hard because it’s my first time acting, but I think I’m lacking physically right now due to our third album preparations. I also have to worry about taking care of my throat. I do get stressed over things from here and there, but I try to do my best with an optimistic heart.

What’s the first thing you do when you come to practice?
-Greet everyone. Then, stretch?

It was nice seeing you be the first one to move the stage set, chairs, and music stand while practicing. I feel like you’d be enthusiastic during your everyday life, are you? Do you get along with others easily?
-I think it’s because I’m used to living with a group, but I’m usually pretty enthusiastic. Even more if it’s for my own team. I used to like hanging out with a lot of people, but as time went by after debuting, I think I’ve become more reserved. Fortunately, now that I’ve become a team with the actors of “Fame”, I’m able to approach them sincerely.

I heard you already had the musical numbers memorized for “Fame” before practice?
-I think I felt more attached to it since it’s my first musical. I’m also curious as to how I’ll look on stage as well. I’ll have to act naturally so the audience members can sympathize with me, so I’m worried.

Because “There She Goes!/Fame” and “In L.A.” are such well-known songs, I can imagine the pressure. What are you worried about, in terms of showing your own charm?
-I’m trying to sing it as naturally as I can. Fortunately, the song is originally in English, so I’m able to understand the lyrics a lot better.

Is there a song that you want to sing, other than Carmen’s?
-I really think Nick and Serena’s duet song “Let’s Play a Love Scene” is nice. “Mabel’s Prayer” is great, too.

How is your throat’s condition right now? I’m sure you were distressed when you had vocal nodules, how did you overcome it?
-Ah, it really felt like I was in prison then. I was fortunate enough to get treated and start singing again. I’m glad because I feel like I’ve been able to find a new vocal tone.

Unlike music programs, you have to concentrate and put all your energy into 2 hours on stage for musicals. Do you think you can handle it?
-Of course! Girls’ Generation’s concerts run for an average of 3 hours. I’m confident physically and mentally.

What’s something you’re looking forward to the most? And what are you most worried about?
-I’m looking forward to me acting, and I’m worried about my acting seeming awkward.

You’re living life as a singer, which you’ve dreamed about for a long time, and you’re receiving lots of love overseas. With a big dream being fulfilled now, what do you dream of for tomorrow?
-There are still so many things I want to do. I want to let people know about “Tiffany” through my singing, acting, musicals, and other different things. I want to sing and act in the US, too.

Tiffany took part in the choreography practice for “Fame” after “Hard Work”. While you could see that she is just a kind girl, trying to act like a passionate and, at times, short-tempered Carmen, you could see the same desire of wanting to become famous through her expressions. The actors took a short break after practicing. They shared the 40 servings of coffee that Eunhyuk prepared, and got ready for chorus practice. While watching Eunhyuk, Tiffany mentioned, “He’s laughing, but his back probably isn’t feeling well. Yesterday’s practice was really tiring.”…Eunhyuk and Tiffany’s eyes sparkled again when they sang “Bring On Tomorrow” with the others, like the students of “Fame” who are looking toward their shining tomorrow.


Source: The Musical
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