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1. Girls’ Generation on SBS Good Morning

Sunny, Jessica and Sooyoung filmed an appearance on 1000 Song Challenge, and SBS’ Good Morning was there to show some backstage interviews as well as some footage from the filming. The girls remarked about the experience being fun.

2. Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany Preview on Radio Star

As reported earlier, the members of Girls’ Generation who have participated in a musical made an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star earlier this week. The preview for this episode has finally been released, and it looks like fans can have something to look forward to again! This episode is filled with laughter as seen in the preview, and Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany even did live performances for the show. Stay tuned to Soshified for the subbed episode!

3. Girls’ Generation’s “MR. TAXI” Parody by SMAPxSMAP

Even though Girls’ Generation wrapped up their Japanese promotions quite a while back, the Girls’ Generation fever has yet to die down in Japan. On the 7th of November, SMAPxSMAP, a weekly Japanese variety show, did a parody of Girls’ Generation’s huge Japanese hit, “MR. TAXI”. Decked out in the full costumes, the cast of SMAPxSMAP brought the audience into tears of laughter as they completed the choreography successfully.

4. Behind-The-Scenes “The Boys” Music Video with Entertainment Station

Following the success of Girls’ Generation’s third album, “The Boys”, Entertainment Station has released their behind-the-scenes footage of Girls’ Generation during their music video filming. In the video, the girls are extremely enthusiastic as they usually are, and they even celebrated Hyoyeon’s birthday with her on set. At the end of the clip, Tiffany comments that they have finally finished filming after 4 days, and viewers are treated to a very cute moment between Leader Taeyeon and Maknae Seohyun as they share a hug.

5. Girls’ Generation on MTV K Studio 5


After SMTOWN’s much anticipated New York concert, MTV K has released their exclusive backstage interview with the various artists of SM Entertainment. MTV K talked about the various performances put up by the artists, and even scored some interviews with TVXQ. Girls’ Generation is specifically mentioned because of their eye-catching stage performance, as well as their American debut with “The Boys”. On the show, MTV K dedicated a segment of their show to ranking their Top 10 Girls’ Generation music videos, and to no one’s surprise, “Gee” came out as the number 1 video. Check out the photos of Girls’ Generation by MTV K here.

6. Backstage on M!Countdown with Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation finally appeared on M!Countdown again this year, and following their win on the music show, a backstage video of them has been released. The video shows clips of the girls during rehearsal, getting their make up done, as well as after their victory. Yoona in particular, caught the eye of many as she was seen to be catching a quick nap while the stylists touched up on her make up. With the filming of her drama now, Yoona is definitely pushing herself to the limit. Take care of yourself Yoona!

7. Girls’ Generation Congratulates Section TV

On the 13th of November, Girls’ Generation appeared on Section TV for a short while to congratulate them. Members Taeyeon, Jessica and Sooyoung left a short message each, and Girls’ Generation, minus Tiffany and Yuri, also passed on their congratulations. It’s wonderful to see that despite their busy schedules, Girls’ Generation is still able to show their kindness for everybody.


1. Girls’ Generation’s J.Estina Website Opens

Girls’ Generation recently added J.Estina to the never ending list of endorsements they have, and J.Estina has released Girls’ Generation’s very own mini website in view of this collaboration. Their website has many quirky functions, such as finding a bag for you through your likes and personality. Check out the website here!

2. SPAO 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

With winter soon approaching, SPAO released a video of Girls’ Generation and Super Junior advertising for their latest fall/winter collection. This season, Girls’ Generation is seen to be wearing cute jackets in preparation for the nearing winter. The girls don on their jackets of varying colours, pink for Tiffany and white for Yuri. Check out the cute video!


1. Google to Open a Kpop Channel on Youtube

In an article in Business Week, Girls’ Generation was mentioned as one of the factors leading to Google’s decision to open a Kpop channel on Youtube. Along with label mates, Super Junior, the girls’ videos have amassed millions of views and Google is taking notice, as the CEO of the company flew to Korea to meet with Korea’s president to discuss plans to increase Google’s footprint in the country. Youtube has been widely recognized as a very influential factor in Hallyu’s success so far, and once again, Girls’ Generation is at the front.

2. Girls’ Generation Music Bank Backstage Photo

After Girls’ Generation claimed their second trophy for “The Boys” on KBS Music Bank last Friday, the producer of the show tweeted a picture of them snapped backstage with their trophy. In the photo, the girls are all posing very sweetly with Tiffany holding the trophy. Accompanying the photo, was the line ” World-wide girl group, Girls’ Generation, won first place on the 1st of November on Music Bank with the comeback of “The Boys”. Congratulations!^^”

3. Girls’ Generation win Jewelry Best Dresser Award

At the 23rd International Jewelry Tokyo Awards(IJT), Girls’ Generation has been declared the winner of the special Jewelry Best Dresser female award. IJT looks at the past year and bases their decision around ideas like, “who shines the brightest”, “who looks the best in the jewelry they wear”, and “who do I want to wear this jewelry”. This is the 3rd year running that a Hallyu Wave star has won an award at this show, the two previous winners were WonBin, and Lee Byung Hun. The awards ceremony will be held at Odaiba, Tokyo, on January 11, 2012.

4. Girls’ Generation on

Last week, graded the Top 10 K-Pop songs, and Girls’ Generation came out at the top. The song was graded A by the 2 people who graded the songs, and the rest of the article can be found here. Thank you to Eddie for the heads up!

5. Girls’ Generation Voted First in Poll

On the 11th of November, South Korea celebrated Pepero Day and they conducted a poll to commemorate this day. The poll, which was titled “Which Girl Group Would You Want to Give Your Pepero To?” was conducted by Out of the 1712 votes, Girls’ Generation won with an astounding 967 (56.5%) of the votes. 2NE1 came in second with 163 (9.5%) of the votes while Kara came in third with 134 (7.8%) of the votes.

6. Girls’ Generation First Official Japanese Photobook

Girls’ Generation is releasing their first official Japanese photobook! This A5-sized, 200 pages photobook will be bursting with colourful pages all about the 9 girls’ treasured holiday. The photobook is aptly named “Holiday”, and it shows the girls waking up at a leisurely pace, relaxing in the living room, shopping at supermarkets and having girl talks while making sweets. There are also photos of them napping by the pool side and enjoying a night out in town while dressed in trendy clothes. This is a cute and pop-art style gorgeous photobook which is full of fashion. A definite must-get! The photobook will be released on the 30th of November.

7. Girls’ Generation Attends Korea China Music Festival

On the 8th of November, Girls’ Generation flew to Beijing, China, to take part in the annual Korea China Music Festival. They performed various songs such as “Hoot” and “The Boys”, and sent the crowd cheering. It’s great that the girls can help to promote better ties between Korea and China while doing something they love such as singing. Photos of the girls taken by fans during the festival can be viewed here.

8. Sooyoung uploads new Selca

Recently, Sooyoung surprised fans by uploading a picture of herself with her dog, Suri. The photo was uploaded via an online Japanese mobile homepage. Sooyoung shows off her beauty in this photo, and it is made even better by the cute dog by her side.

9. Girls’ Generation to Attend KISS Event

From January 25-27, 2012, MBC will be holding the Korean International Style Show (KISS) at the Yoyogi national stadium. Other artists that will be appearing include CN Blue, FT Island, KARA, and many more that have yet to be announced. Stay tuned as more information comes up.

10. Girls’ Generation at KPop Music Festival Sydney 2011

On the 12th of November, Girls’ Generation was present at the KPop Music Festival Sydney 2011. This music festival had been organised to celebrate the 50-years friendship between South Korea and Australia, and Girls’ Generation, along with other groups such as B2ST and TVXQ, had flown in to Sydney to perform live. Yuri of Girls’ Generation said, “This concert holds a deep meaning since it not only celebrates the 50th anniversary of friendship between South Korea and Australia, but it is also where the Olympic ceremonies were held during the 2000 Summer Olympics.  Tiffany and I are also very honored to have been able to serve as MC’s for this event. We hope that this concert helps to start a wave of cultural exchange between South Korea and Australia.” This concert will be broadcasted in Korea on the 3rd of December.

New Sets of Pictures

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SONE Picture/Video of the Week

As many people know, Girls’ Generation will be stopping over in Singapore on the 9th and 10th of December, and the local SONEs, also known as SG SONEs, have gathered together to prepare a surprise to welcome the girls. Yahoo! has taken the initiative to film the planning of the events, and you can watch the video of SG SONEs planning the fan event for the concert. Thank you to SG SONEs for putting in so much effort to make Girls’ Generation’s first concert in Singapore a success! Soshified wishes you the best of luck.

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