After gaining lots of love as the laidback, lively “Soonkyu” in the first season last year, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny has returned to “Invincible Youth 2”.

Being called by her real name, Soonkyu, in the first season, Sunny gained the support of town elders by catching chickens with her hands and accomplishing various farm work. Sunny created a new standard for girl group idols as a true farming-dol.

With her popularity from the previous season, she has joined season two’s G8 as the “Return of Soonkyu”. Other G8 members were jealous of her unchanged awareness and variety show skills, as well as working skills that the new members could not match.

Fellow Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon is joining Sunny on the show, which airs its first episode this week on November 12th at 11:05pm KST on KBS2 TV.

Source: KBS
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