After showing their power in Asia, Europe, and the United States, Girls’ Generation members have revealed Christmas visuals that put emphasis on each of their personalities.

Wearing vividly colored skirts matched with spangled bags, the members showed a lovely image for J.Estina’s advertisement. The bag chosen for this Christmas visual is a backpack from the “Angelica” line, which Hyoyeon had chosen in a previously aired CF.

The Angelica mini shoulder bag chosen has shiny spangles, which show a natural two-tone depending on what direction light touches the spangles. The shoulder bag’s design was influenced by shining tiaras, which give a mysterious feel depending on the angles they are viewed from.

Song Jiwon, of the J.estina brand strategic team, stated, “After Girls’ Generation’s previous visual advertisement, customers have been asking about the products and we even had reserved sales. We are looking forward to what type of effect Girls’ Generation’s Christmas visual advertisement will have.”

The Christmas bag Girls’ Generation chose can be found in J.Estina stores in December.

Source: Nate
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