Girls’ Generation was recently chosen as the number one people whom foreign women want to learn make-up techniques from.

A “Global Beauty Class” special was recently recorded on OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty”. Stars’ hair and make-up know-hows that foreign women want to copy were revealed. During the show, fifty women from various countries such as Thailand, France, China, Morocco and the United States guest starred as “Better Girls”. They chose Girls’ Generation as the stars whose make-up techniques they want to learn from the most. They all agreed that a hairstyle that looks like that person just woke up and make-up that looks natural and not overdone were the prettiest.

The artist who is in charge of both Girls’ Generation and Brown Eyed Girls’ make-up appeared, and told the foreign women about natural make-up techniques that all nine Girls’ Generation members use while accomodating their own skin color and type. This episode of “Get It Beauty” will air on November 30th in the afternoon KST.

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