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1. Girls’ Generation Daum CF


Various short clips of Girls’ Generation advertising for Daum’s latest application surfaced on the internet recently. In the videos, Yoona and Yuri are promoting the newest application where users can make use of their computers to communicate with users on their mobile phones. Here is a rough translation of Yoona and Seohyun’s conversation!

Seohyun: “Unnie….”
Yoona: “Where are you? Are you out? Are you working? Are you busy? ^^”
Seohyun: “No…”
Yoona: “Are you bored? Are you hungry? Do you want me to play with you? Do you not have any money? I don’t have any money either  ㅠㅠ”
Seohyun: “The thing is…”
Yoona: “Are you sad? Are you lonely? Sad? Did you gain weight?”
Seohyun: “What the heck, why does unnie talk so much?!”


Tiffany: “What time are you coming?”
Yuri: “10? 11? I don’t know. Why? Do you want to do something? ^^”
Tiffany: “The thing is….”
Yuri: “Do you want to eat? Where are you? Is it good? Do you want to go with me? Are you buying? Ribeye? Unagi? Sushi? Right now, gogosing!  ㅋㅋ”
Tiffany: “Before…”
Yuri: “That oppa? Is he coming? When? With you? Really? Daebak! -Shiver-”

2. Girls’ Generation Appears on Chinese News


Following the long anticipated return of Girls’ Generation to Korea, the Chinese have also featured Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” on their morning news. The reporter mentions that Girls’ Generation, who was previously sweet and cute, had transformed into sexy and charismatic ladies. She also says that “In their new video, the members of Girls’ Generation are wearing clothes which are more daring and sexy, and their makeup is thicker [Editor’s note: In this context, “Thicker” really just means stronger and sexier]. It is as though they are trying to tell their fans that Girls’ Generation has grown up.”

The rest of the video is about Girls’ Generation working with Teddy Riley and releasing an English version of “The Boys” worldwide too.

3. 2011 Melon Music Awards Teaser

With the end of the year fast approaching, various music award shows are releasing their teasers featuring the artists that are nominated this year. Even though Girls’ Generation released their album less than a week ago, their album has already caught the eye of the Melon Music Awards. No doubt, it is going to be another fantastic end of the year for the girls again!

4. Girls’ Generation on MBC News

Girls’ Generation’s newest album, “The Boys” has been sweeping through the charts, and MBC recently featured it on their news. The reporter mentions that recently, albums which are released by the the artists have become more than just an item used to promote their music. The interviewee then said that there’s a greater effect on the listeners when fans get to hold a product of their favourite artists, as well as the fact that they get to listen to the music and look at the stunning photos.

5. Girls’ Generation on Japanese News

Looks like Girls’ Generation is fast becoming a global generation! Just days after the release of Girls’ Generation’s third album, the nine members have already been featured on various news reports all in different languages. This short Japanese clip mentions that “The Boys” is the first song that Girls’ Generation is releasing with full English lyrics. It goes on to say that Teddy Riley was the producer of this song and that he has produced songs for Lady Gaga and Eminem before. The video ends off with a memo that Girls’ Generation will be performing at Madison Square Gardens this weekend in view of SMTOWN Live in New York.

6. Girls’ Generation “The Boys (English Version)” Music Video on VEVO

Following SM Entertainment’s decision to take a step into the US market with Girls’ Generation and promote a global generation, Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys (English Version)” has made it onto VEVO. Recently, Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys (English Version)” was uploaded onto YouTube under the account “GirlsGenerationVEVO”. VEVO is one of the biggest music video websites, and the fact that Girls’ Generation is recognised by such a prestigious website is really something.

7. Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” Featured on EXTRA

It looks like Girls’ Generation is truly becoming a global generation! Recently, Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” was playing in the background of an episode of EXTRA, and American entertainment news program. Despite the fact that the song was only released a few days ago, the song was still recognised by the producers of the show. Girls’ Generation is definitely expanding their influence to all parts of the world!


1. Girls’ Generation Chooses Their Favourite J.Estina Bag

Recently, short clips of Girls’ Generation choosing their favourite bags to advertise for J.Estina surfaced on the internet. The members were each told to choose the bag that they liked the most and advertise for it. Like all girls, the members were of no difference as they made the hardest choice of having to choose 1 bag out of the 9 on display.

2. Yoona Advertises for New Innisfree Product


A new product featuring honey from the wonderful island of Jeju has been released by Innisfree, and Yoona shares with us the benefits of using this product. Her opinion on using this specific product is that her skin became very moisturised after applying the lotion, and it also feels rejuvenated.


1. “Love Rain” Starring Yoona to Air Next March

Yoona has been hard at work filming for her upcoming drama “Love Rain”.  The drama will begin airing its first episodes next March on KBS2-TV.  It’s the return of Im Actress, and everyone is looking forward to seeing Yoona showcase her upgraded skills.

2. Vietnamese Fansite Places a Newspaper Ad to Cheer for Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation released their third album “The Boys” this week, and the support from around the world has been incredible.  Vietnamese fansite, placed an ad in a Vietnamese newspaper to cheer on the girls and spread the word about “The Boys”.

3. Special Message From Girls’ Generation on Mnet

To celebrate the release of Girls’ Generation’s new album, Mnet ran an article on their website showing all of Girls’ Generation’s album and mini album releases since their debut, along with the MV of “The Boys”.  The girls left a handwritten message as well as their signatures. “Hello we are Girls’ Generation ^_^ Girls’ Generation’s third album “The Boys” finally was released.  You waited a lot right?  Don’t even know how much we waited, too… Please look forward to cool activities~ Please show “The Boys” a lot of love too… Thank you!!! Right now~ it’s Girls’ Generation!!!”

4. Taeyeon Updates UFO Display Picture

On the 20th of October, Taeyeon amused fans by uploading a hilarious photo of herself onto UFO. Her new display picture shows her lying down on the floor in her “The Boys” outfit, with her tongue sticking out, and her legs crossed as though she is relaxing. Her comical expression, accompanied by her neapolitan ice cream inspired hair, has definitely caused quite a stir among fans.

5. Jessica Attends 2012 Spring/Summer Collection Seoul Fashion Week

On the 19th of October, Jessica made an appearance at the Seoul Fashion Week which was showcasing the 2012 Spring/Summer collection. As one of the fashionistas of Girls’ Generation, Jessica walked onto the red carpet in a strong and charismatic yet sexy outfit. Her rocker-like makeup accompanied her chic outfit very well, and she has been receiving lots of praise from fans about her choice of clothes. More photos from this event can be found here.

6. Girls’ Generation Releases Official Blogspot Website

Just days after the release of Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” album, SM Entertainment released a spiffy looking blog for Girls’ Generation. The blog features the latest news on Girls Generation, as well as videos of the girls from SM’s YouTube channel. The website is all in English, and it has various links to all the different places like purchasing “The Boys” on iTunes, as well as a comment box which fans can leave their encouraging messages on. Click here to visit the website!

7. Jessica Attends “Love Your W” Breast Cancer Event

Jessica made another appearance on the red carpet recently when she turned up for the “Love Your W” breast cancer event. Wearing a stunning dress which complimented her figure very well, Jessica showed her support for the meaningful cause. What do you think of her outfit? More photos from the event can be found here.

8. Jessica Featured in W Korea 2011 November Issue

With the girls officially back in Korea, they have been becoming more active in the various entertainment industry. Jessica for example, has been making lots of appearances lately, and she is also featured in the November issue of W Korea magazine. In this photoshoot, Jessica carries a very sophisticated air, and her expressions are well brought out by the intricate eye makeup that she has in the photos. More photos can be found here.

9. Yuri on High Cut Magazine for October-November Issue

Photos of Yuri in the High Cut Magazine from the Ocotober-November issue were recently posted on the internet. Yuri portrays a very carefree persona, and her photos all show her cute yet matured character. The rest of the photos from this photoshoot can be found here.

10. Girls’ Generation Japanese Album an All-Kill

Nearly 5 months after the release of Girls’ Generation’s first self-titled Japanese album, album sales are still going strong. The album, which was released in Japan on the 1st of June 2011, has sold nearly 900, 000 copies up till now, and it is still standing steadily on the sales charts despite competition from other artists. Looks like the sales of Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese album might reach a million soon!

11. Girls’ Generation “The Boys” Music Video an All-Kill

Within a day of the release of the music video for “The Boys”, the video alone has already garnered more than 4.6 million views. This explosive reaction to the highly anticipated video has not been limited to just the actual music video, but to the teasers as well. If the views from all the teasers released for “The Boys” and the two music videos are added up, the total number of views garnered would be a whopping 23, 476, 533. This is calculated at 3PM KST on the 21st of October. The Korean music video of “The Boys” alone has garnered almost 7 million views at this time. No doubt, the number of views will continue to escalate as Girls’ Generation head towards yet another chart breaking album!

12. Yuri Uploads New Selca onto Japanese fansite

On the 21st of October, Yuri uploaded a new selca onto a Japanese fansite along with a short message. Her new photo has caused many fans to swoon over how adorable she looks. Here is a rough translation of the message she left behind.

“Hello everyone! This is Yuri. Did everyone watch The Boys MV already? How was it? This is a picture in the dressing room during the filming (of the MV).
When filming the dancing scene, it was really hot and my bangs went up 〜(///▽///) Please wait and anticipate the fast progressing SNSD〜 See you later.♡”

13. Official Pictures of Jessica on Strong Heart

Jessica recently made an appearance on Strong Heart, and photos from the upcoming episode has been circulating on the internet. During the previous times when Jessica was a guest on Strong Heart, her many hilarious stories and recounts always left viewers laughing till they cried. No doubt this episode won’t be an exception! The rest of the photos can be found here.

14. Hyoyeon on November Issue of Vogue Girl Magazine

After such a long time, Hyoyeon has finally been featured on a magazine! In the November issue of Vogue Girl, Hyoyeon had the opportunity to showcase her unique personality through a photoshoot. In the photos, Hyoyeon displays her quirky and funky personality through her outfits and expressions. Dressed in black and white, Hyoyeon displays a very charismatic and sophisticated side to her. Check out the rest of the photos here!

15. Kan Miyeon Praises Girls’ Generation

On the 22nd of October, Kan Miyeon, a member of the legendary K-pop girl group, Baby V.O.X, uploaded a new photo of herself onto her me2day account. In the photo, Kan Miyeon is seen to be holding Girls’ Generation’s newest third album, “The Boys”. She uploaded the photo together with a short message. “Girls’ Generation has arrived! As expected, the pretty girls have an equally pretty album. Hwaiting!” Fans of Kan Miyeon have left comments such as “Noona is pretty enough too!” and “Hwaiting to both Girls’ Generation and Kan Miyeon!”

16. Sukira Kiss Radio Photos 

The members of Girls’ Generation recently made an appearance of Super Junior’s Sukira Kiss the Radio. The next day, official photos of the girls taken during the show were uploaded onto the Sukira homepage. Despite the long hours that they girls had spent promoting their third album, they were still fresh and lively as they actively participated in the radio show. Check out the rest of the photos here


17. Taeyeon and Sunny on Singles Magazine

Back in the September issue of Singles magazine, Tiffany brought out the rocker side of her which fans have never witnessed before. This time, Taeyeon and Sunny are featured in the November issue of the magazine and they too bring about another side of themselves which is yet unseen. Their photos capture a very doll-like atmosphere, and their stance, accompanied by their blank expressions, are strangely alluring. The rest of the photos can be seen here.

18. Jessica and Krystal Selca

Jessica and Krystal are known to be extremely close, and they display their close sisterly bond again during the SMTOWN Live in New York concert. The Jung sisters took a photo together via KakaoTalk, and their cute pose has caught the attention of many. Despite the age gap of 5 years and their busy schedule, both sisters are still incredibly close.

19. Sunny and Hyoyeon Invincible Youth 2 Group Photo

After confirmation regarding the new girls in Invincible Youth from the producers was released, another group of photo of the new G8 was uploaded. Members of Girls’ Generation, Sunny and Hyoyeon were in the photo as they were recently confirmed to be part of the G8 cast. Although Sunny could reprise her role in the variety show, Yuri was replaced with Hyoyeon. Nevertheless, let us look forward to another hilarious season with the girls!

20. Photos from Japan Mobile Site

Photos of the girls from a Japanese mobile site were recently posted on the internet. In the photos, they girls display their cute charm and they even leave behind short messages for their Japanese fans. Judging from their outfits, these photos look like they were taken sometime around the middle of the year. The rest of the photos can be found here and here


21. Tiffany Gives a Short Interview on New York Daily News

Recently, Tiffany of Girls’ Generation agreed to conduct a phone interview with David Yi, a reporter from the New York Daily News. Throughout the 5 page long news article about K-Pop, Girls’ Generation is mentioned quite a few times as a leading front for the Hallyu wave. As said by the writer, “K-POP’S SECRET WEAPON: GIRLS’ GENERATION HAS BEEN GROOMED TO ZOOM UP THE CHARTS”. Check out the rest of the article, as well as the short interview with Tiffany here!

22. Official Photos of Girls’ Generation with Jung Sunhee

On the 22nd of October, Girls’ Generation dropped by Jung Sunhee’s midnight radio to promote their third album, “The Boys”. Despite the long day of schedules that they had, they were still lively and participative throughout the show which lasted from midnight to 2AM.

New Sets of Pictures

Vita500- Taeyeon, Jessica Jessica 2SunnyTiffany, Tiffany 2HyoyeonHyoyeon 2Yuri, Yuri 2YoonaYoona 2

SPAO – Taeyeon, Taeyeon2, Jessica, Jessica2, Sunny, Sunny2, Sunny3, Tiffany, Tiffany2, Yuri, Yuri2, Sooyoung, Sooyoung2, Yoona, Yoona2, Yoona3, Yoona4

The Face Shop – Seohyun

Daum – Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

Following the announcement by SM Entertainment that a Dance, Remix and Cover competition of Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” will be organised, a few of videos on YouTube have already been catching the eye of many. For example, a few of the noticeable remixes by Epitone and G Sweet have already garnered thousands of views from fans. Check out the upbeat club remix by Epitone, as well as the smooth remix by G Sweet!

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