Jessica, a member of girl group Girls’ Generation, spoke frankly about her Japanese nickname “Devil” which had become a hot topic.

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During the broadcast, MC Lee Seung Gi said to Jessica, “I heard your nickname in Japan was ‘Devil'”, to which Jessica replied, “I knew about that nickname after I read an article on it. At first it really hurt my heart.” Jessica continued and explained, “I only understood afterward that in Japan the nickname ‘devil’ meant that I had a ‘deadly female beauty’.” Jessica then said, “After hearing that, I was really thankful to the fans.”

After hearing about it, one of the other female guests, Kim Jisook said, “‘Deadly female beauty’ is probably something like ‘femme fatale’. If it’s like that, being (called) a devil is ok”, which caused a loud outburst of laughter at the studio.

After that, Kim Jisook also talked about her opinion on standing at the top (of the entertainment world) and the difficulties of falling out of that spot.

Jessica then said, “we are already thankful for our fans support.” Jessica also started talking about her juniors, “Unlike some of my friends, my little sister, f(x)’s Krystal, also debuted as a singer. And because of that, I see all my juniors as family, so I don’t think it would be such a bad thing to give that (top) seat to them.”

Jessica continued to say, “Since we are the seniors, we’ll pave the way so that the juniors can continue on a path that is better and cooler, and creating something like that leaves us really busy.”


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