It’s been a very impressive year for Girls’ Generation. They had a successful Japanese debut, kicked up a storm of girl group fever, and on the other side of the world they had a magnificent SMTown concert debut in Paris. These girls are the heart of, and also the leaders of the Hallyu Wave.

Having met up with Girls’ Generation for an interview, they brought up the fact that in the past year the things that made them the happiest were their Japanese arena tour and the concert in Paris.

Seohyun was quoted as saying, “The most memorable experience was when we did the Japanese Tour. I learned different ways on how to enjoy the stage more, especially on a personal level. And for the first time, I was able to learn tricks to enjoying it with the fans. Every time that we had a performance we would learn new ways to enjoy together, and as time kept passing by, the nine of us got better at it.”

Sooyoung was also quoted as saying, “During the  three month long arena tour, because the members were able to spend a lot of time together, we were able to strengthen our bonds again. During our stay we were able to eat a lot of tasty food, ride the bullet train, and we even went to a hot spring. It felt like we went on a fun vacation. We also learned different methods for taking care of our health so that we would have the necessary strength and perseverance to stand on stage and continue the concerts.”

Girls’ Generation also mentioned things they wanted to try regarding future concerts, “We want to try having a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome and also a world tour. At least once we definitely want to go to South America where we’ve never been to before. Since it was decided that our seniors ‘Super Junior’ are going to South America, once again they’ll be opening up the path for K-POP.”

Source: Innolife
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