As announced previously, Soshified will be presenting Girls’ Generation’s first U.S fan meeting on the 24th of October which the girls will be attending. As such, Soshified will be conducting an interview with the girls, and we would love to hear the questions you have for them!

Anyone who would like to ask the girls a question can participate in this event, but please ensure that the questions you have are not sensitive topics which will bring discomfort to any of the members. We would like to leave behind a fun and memorable experience for the girls, so we hope that you will help to play your part too!

Eg. of ACCEPTABLE questions:
“How did you feel when you found out you would be performing in New York City?”

Eg. of NOT ACCEPTABLE questions:
“Is TaeNy real?”

You can submit your questions in the following places:

1) Leave your questions in the comments below.
You can leave your questions below in the comments section to this announcement in the following format

SSF Username/Name:

2) Tweet your questions at Soshified’s Twitter account.
We will also be accepting questions mentioned to Soshified’s Twitter. However, if you would like to do so, please ensure that you leave #GGRunsNY in the tweet. Only tweets with the tag #GGRunsNY will be read and considered.

Anyone is welcomed to leave a question they have for Girls’ Generation here @Soshified.

3)Leave a message on Soshified’s Facebook Wall
Any questions that you have for Girls’ Generation can be left on Soshified’s Facebook page too. Leave your questions in the following format at this page.

SSF Username/Name:

Please take note that even though we would love to hear as many answers as possible from Girls’ Generation, there is a restriction as to how long the interview can last. Therefore, there is no guarantee that all submitted questions will be asked. However, we assure you that we will do our very best to get your questions to the girls.

For more details of the fan meet in New York City, visit this thread.

So…ask away!