Kim Hyunjoong revealed that during the CF shoot for The Face Shop with Seohyun, their entire conversation ended after three exchanges.

On October 10th during an interview for his second mini album release at the Coex Intercontinental Hotel, Kim Hyunjoong was asked about how it was shooting the CF with Seohyun.  He revealed, “We’re both reserved and weren’t able to converse much.”

He added, “I’m shy, and Seohyun’s shy as well, but she was the one that first asked me, ‘Have you eaten?’.  I replied, ‘I did’, and there was nothing much else to talk about, so we didn’t talk until filming ended.”

Kim also revealed, “When I asked when Girls’ Generation’s album comes out, she simply replied, ‘It got postponed’.  After that, our last exchange was, ‘Goodbye’.”


Source: StarNNews
Translated by: [email protected]
Edited by: [email protected]

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