The Girls’ Generation members, as diverse as they are, all have a little something to teach when it comes to positive personality traits. Take for example Taeyeon, with her huge sense of responsibility, or Tiffany, who exemplifies inner strength. Then there’s the compassionate Sooyoung, or the disciplined Seohyun – even the Jessica with her chic and lazy character can be attributed as having a professional and patient attitude.

And today is Hyoyeon’s special day, ergo, who are we here to talk about? No prizes for guessing.

On this day, 22 years ago, Kim-Umma and Kim-Appa brought into the world a little ball of joy that would grow up to be many great things: a renowned dancer, an international pop sensation, a Korean ambassador, and most importantly of all – a tremendous dork.


“For a trip, my family stopped at every rest stop once. We really did. My family just stopped by all the rest stops. It was a totally good experience for me.” – Hyoyeon


From her tender elementary school years, lil’ Hyo was already throwing herself into hip-hop, jazz, and Latin dance, all the while maintaining her high-profile status as queen bee, having her own little fanclub of admirers. Upon entering SM Entertainment, Hyoyeon popped and locked (and “mango tangoed”) her way into the spotlight, becoming a favourite among male trainees and trainee-fans alike.


“I did aerobics for five years as well. Aerobics, jazz, ballet, cha-cha-cha, jive, mango tango…I’m really good at mango tango.” – Hyoyeon


She even landed herself a position as the middle child in SM’s huge girl group project, and despite low initial expectations from the public, they have since become one of Asia’s most successful groups. Here, there, everywhere, Girls’ Generation – representing girl power across Asia. And where does that leave Hyoyeon in this equation?


“I had a goal to stand on a stage by myself…two years later, I was not a substitute behind a screen, but a performer.” – Hyoyeon


Let’s be honest; in the fandom Hyoyeon can sometimes be overlooked, underrated, or just outright ignored, and a lot of the time she tends to draw the short end of the stick – smallest amount of photos in a pictorial, shortest amount of screen-time in a CF or program, least amount of lines on an album. It’s unfair, but unfortunately normal when it comes to groups.

But, it’s in the light of this adversity that Hyoyeon’s best points begin to shine!

When you’re left out or overlooked, doesn’t it leave you feeling underappreciated or upset? Well, that ain’t Hyo.

Nothing can get Hyoyeon down – that adorable dork is forever enjoying life. Whether she is dancing, singing, eating, playing, or just bumming around, Hyoyeon exudes energy and merriment. From that quirky sense of humour shown on Hello Baby, the gleeful look of excitement as she wins first place on Dream Team, the extra oomph she puts into every move while performing or those ridiculously random but hilariously witty comments she throws out on radio shows; Hyoyeon is possibly one of the weirdest and funniest girls out there.


“I believe that, next to Seohyun, Hyoyeon has the purest heart in Girls’ Generation.” – Yoona


Critics? Haters? Antis? Hyoyeon doesn’t even give a HOOT. Everything she does, she does at 100% with a genuine smile on her face, and how can you not love her for that?


“She is a good listener, and a really good friend.” – Sooyoung


Since the beginning there’s been discussion on the topic “Does Hyoyeon really belong in a group like Girls’ Generation?”  And while it’s true that from her dance style to her personality she isn’t all bubble-gum-pop, and that Hyoyeon has had to sacrifice opportunities to really challenge herself as a dancer within the group, at the end of the day Hyoyeon loves Girls’ Generation and being a part of it. Whether she’s getting a small reaction from the crowd or a massive roar from an entire stadium (Paris is Hyoyeon’s city!), the girl will do her best, bow just as deeply and wave and smile as she exits the stage all the same.


“I wouldn’t feel embarassed about being a Girls’ Generation member. For me, I think I would feel proud thinking ‘I was in Girls’ Generation’. These days too I always think, when I have kids, I’ll show them my videos proudly and say, ‘This was your mom! The person with her bangs waving around prettily, that’s your mom!’” – Hyoyeon


So what do we have to learn from Hyoyeon?

From her pink leggings to that randomly curly fringe, Hyo Choding is all about enjoying every moment of your life at full throttle – making the best of what you’ve got and not letting anything get you down. Resilience! Optimism! Confidence!

So whether you’re one of Hyoyeon’s hilarious Hyohunnies, or a Taeganger, GorJess Spazzer, Sunshiner, Fanytastic, Yurisistable, Sooyoungster, Yoonaddict or Seomate, let us all remember this: Hyoyeon is an amazing, charismatic dancer, but she’s so much more that just Hyoyeonce.  Pay attention and you will see an honest and adorable little weirdo with a fierce and fun attitude that is just wonderfully infectious.

Kim Hyoyeon, happy birthday!



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