Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, and Seohyun recently appeared on the first episode of KBS’s new talk show “Big Brothers”. While on the show, the girls discussed a wide variety of topics, revealed some fascinating stories, and displayed some unusual talents. The highlights of the episode have been summarized below.


Taeyeon Says She Doesn’t Want Her Children to Inherit Her Voice

Before the actual “talk show” portion started, the hosts interviewed the girls as if they were coming in for a job. They asked various questions before turning to Taeyeon and asking, “What is something you would want to inherit from your parents, and what is something you want to pass onto your kids?”

Taeyeon said she wanted to inherit the ability to make decisions from her parents, but paused when thinking of what to pass on to her children. Yuri and the other members kept saying, “Your voice,” but Taeyeon said no. She surprised both her members and the MCs, adding, “If they inherit my voice, they’re going to want to become singers.” Instead, Taeyeon said she wants her children to inherit her white skin.


Seohyun Discusses Her Close Relationship With a Past SM Trainee

When Seohyun first joined SM Entertainment as a trainee, she was the youngest one there and said that she found it difficult to fit in. She rarely talked, and one day another trainee named Hwanhee joined SM Entertainment. They became friends, and Seohyun surprised other company members and workers because she was actually talking to someone. They trained together for five years along with other Girls’ Generation members: eating, sleeping, and practicing together. Hwanhee even participated in a showcase with the other members. Because of this, Seohyun and Hwanhee were both sure they’d be in the same group.

But when it was decided who would officially be in Girls’ Generation, Hwanhee’s name wasn’t called. Seohyun couldn’t bring herself to contact Hwanhee afterwards. After the Girls’ Generation members were chosen, Seohyun had become a trainee preparing for her debut, while Hwanhee was still just a regular trainee. Because Seohyun had to go to the company building to practice, running into Hwanhee was inevitable. When they did actually run into one another, Seohyun was so sorry that she couldn’t even look at Hwanhee. However, Hwanhee took Seohyun’s hands and walked into the restroom. Hwanhee looked at Seohyun and just started crying, and they cried together.

Seohyun revealed that Hwanhee is now studying to be an actress, that they both respect the other’s dreams, and that they have promised to cheer each other on.


Girls’ Generation Says Recent Dating Rumors are False

Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, and Seohyun confirmed that the recent reports that “less than half of the Girls’ Generation members are dating” are false. They said it’s not the right time for them to date, and that they know they would get stressed out if they began dating. The MCs, since they are older, told the girls that it’s different to date at a young age than it is to date when you’re older, and suggested that the girls shouldn’t be missing out. One of the MCs said that they’re only called “Girls’ Generation” and that they are more like “Grandma Generation”. Tiffany added that they’ve wanted to become successful singers for such a long time that they are willing to wait to start dating.


Tiffany and Sunny Revealed to be the Best Drinkers in Girls’ Generation

At one point, the MCs asked the members of Girls’ Generation how they celebrate together. The girls said that they have small celebratory parties with each other, at which point the MCs asked which members are the best drinkers. Taeyeon, Yuri, and Seohyun all pointed Tiffany, indicating her as the best drinker. Tiffany didn’t want to be singled out, and said that Sunny is also one of the better drinkers within the group.


Taeyeon and Tiffany Discuss an Argument They Had During Their Japan Tour

During Girls’ Generation’s recent Japan concert tour, Taeyeon found herself unable to stomach the foreign food very well and kept feeling indigestion. While walking around Taeyeon said, “I think I have an upset stomach.” Then suddenly, Tiffany, who was next to her, said, “Hey, don’t say stuff like that. I think I’ll start feeling sick if I hear you say that.” Tiffany said she was a bit sensitive and on edge at the time because she wasn’t fully awake, and that she said it a bit harshly. Taeyeon was thinking, “I’m not feeling well, how could she say that to another member?” and replied, “Do you think I’m sick because I want to be?” After returning to their hotel rooms, Taeyeon kept remembering what Tiffany said. So Taeyeon went up to Tiffany and said, “How could you say what you did earlier to your fellow member?” Taeyeon said she reached the point where she was thinking of not doing their duet performance the next day. Taeyeon didn’t think she’d be able to do the “Scream!” portion of their duet with Tiffany after what happened, and was thinking of skipping it. Their manager called the two into a room and told them, “I’m thankful that this is the first time you guys are fighting during the entire fourteen concerts you’ve had so far.” After he said this, Taeyeon and Tiffany both started crying, and with their eyes letting out tears and their noses running, they made up.


Girls’ Generation’s Wishes for the Next Year

The MCs asked, “What do you want to do within the next year?” Yuri said she wants to go backpacking while carrying a guitar. Tiffany answered that she wants to do something under Girls’ Generation’s name, such as holding a Girls’ Generation Christmas concert every year. Seohyun said she wants to express her feelings more to people around her, especially her parents.


Seohyun Shows Off Her Guitar Skills by Covering Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now”

Seohyun displayed how far her guitar skills have come since Jung Yonghwa first began teaching her how to play on “We Got Married”. Wielding a pink guitar with an impressive level of skill, Seohyun did a brief cover of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now”. The video of her cover has been attached below.


If you wish to download the full unsubbed episode of “Big Brothers”, you can do so here. Also, be on the lookout for SoShi Subs to release a pink subbed version in the future.

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