On September 22nd, Girls’ Generation’s fan cafe, “Cistus”, posted an ad in a daily newspaper wishing Hyoyeon a happy birthday.

Along with the advertisement gift, “Cistus” members did volunteer work for Hyoyeon’s birthday at a senior welfare center located in Incheon on August 27th, and donated Happy Beans to a children’s foundation under Hyoyeon’s name. (Editor’s note: Happy Beans are a charity item within Naver. People who make lots of blog/cafe posts, comments, and email replies are given Happy Beans. They are worth a few hundred won, and can be donated to various charities and foundations.)

The volunteer team leader of “Cistus”, Kim Jihoon, stated, “For Girls’ Generation’s 4th anniversary, a Taiwanese fansite sent us donations. After having it pushed down the line, we finally put it together with the volunteer work for ‘HyoTanJeol’.”

“HyoTanJeol” stands for “the day Hyoyeon was born”, and is what fans called her birthday.


Source: tvreport.co.kr
Featured Image Source: mydaily.co.kr
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