Today the original choreography for Girls’ Generation hit single “Genie” was released on Youtube.  Rino Nakasone, who choreographed the dance, tweeted earlier, “It’s out! Original Choreography footage of Girls’ Generation “GENIE” Check it out!”

There are some slight differences between Rino’s original choreography submission and the final “Genie” dance, but for the most part “Genie” stays true to the original.  The iconic “hacky-sack” dance is on display, and once the chorus hits the trademark moves are left virtually untouched.

In addition to “Genie” Rino has choreographed for Girls’ Generation on “Oh!”, “Hoot”, and “Mr. Taxi”.  She has proven to be a very talented choreographer, and the dancing and performing ability of Girls’ Generation really makes the choreography shine.


Source: @RinOkinawa, lovablehugableguy@Youtube
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