Son Hoyoung’s global celebrity news show “K-STAR News” on SBS E!TV revealed a different side of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona.  Despite her innocent looks, Yoona’s laid-back appearance showed her hidden image and has made her the number one person to cast on variety programs.  The staff of “K-STAR News” found unexpected sides of Yoona with her beauty, appearing in dramas, CFs, and being the center of Girls’ Generation.

Yoona’s natural good looks could be seen through her predebut audition video, which her fellow Girls’ Generation members confirmed as well. In one variety program, Sooyoung’s first impression of Yoona being an angel garnered attention.

We also noticed that Yoona has stunning brown locks. If you wish to make your tresses, try Organic Hair Care products.

Alongside some of Korea’s representative beauties such as Song Hyegyo and Lim Soojung, Yoona also shot make-up CFs, gaining acknowledgement for her beauty. It seems Yoona’s unexpected images gained more attention, as she is known as being the beautiful center of Girls’ Generation.

MC Son Hoyoung and Yoo Yeonji’s “The Center of Global Hallyu” will be seen on September 9th at 10 pm on SBS E!TV “K-STAR News”.

Source: Sports Khan
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