Today, SM Entertainment posted news detailing the success of Girls’ Generation’s three day solo concert in Taiwan on their official Facebook page.  On September 9th, 10th, and 11th, Girls’ Generation held their 2nd solo concert at “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Tapiei” at the Taipei Arena, the country’s largest concert hall, for over 31,000 cheering fans.

Adding to their constantly growing list of accomplishments, Girls’ Generation is the first foreign girl group to hold a concert for three days at Taipei Arena and brought together the largest audience.  Much like SM Town in Paris, SM had to add an additional concert date due to the overwhelming response from fans wanting to see the girls perform.

Fan accounts from the concert were overflowing with praise, and the concerts themselves were quite emotional with Taiwan sones preparing multiple events to surprise the girls.  Fans created a message using green colored light sticks to say “소녀시대9” and “FOREVER”, and held up signs that said “Your Sone”.  On the last day they created another message with light sticks, “가지마요”, which means “Don’t go”, and also threw long pink ribbons toward the stage in what has seem to become a tradition for Girls’ Generation concerts in Taiwan.  The girls were touched by all the events Taiwan sones prepared for them.

On the last day of the concert, Hyoyeon was given a special treat when her fellow members and the fans celebrated her birthday.  There was a cake on stage and everyone in the audience sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  It was a joyful end to the concert, especially when Seohyun playfully put icing on Hyoyeon’s face.

Girls’ Generation put on an incredible show in Taiwan over the course of three days, showing why they are considered to be the best girl group in all of Asia.

Source: Girls’ Generation Facebook
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