The leaders of “new hallyu”, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior members “shared” through a recent broadcast.

On the 16th at 5:35 PM, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior appeared on the live KBS1 “Love Request” episode, “Super Junior·Girls’ Generation’s Gift”. The two groups, who are hallyu stars, took the live stage, giving thanks to fans all over Asia, as well as helping children living under difficult situation.

An eleven-year-old boy from Cambodia who is too poor to get treated for his inherent heart disease, a nine-year-old Indonesian boy with bad eyesight, and Cha Sunyoung of Jeju-do, a child who lives a hard life in a motel with her widowed mother and is a fan of Girls’ Generation, were present during the broadcast. The two children from overseas, who are fans of Girls’ Generation and Super Junior, were able to get treated in Korea through the groups’ invitations.

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Footage of Girls’ Generation at the blood drive, held on September 9th at the KBS Hall, was also aired. While all members did get tested to donate blood, due to the rule of not being allowed to donate within a month of going overseas, they could not. Of the members, Tiffany was concluded as being the healthiest member, while the youngest member, Seohyun, participated in her first blood donation.

Meanwhile, through Girls’ Generation and Super Junior fans’ sharing mindset, during the 85 minute broadcast this day, approximately 32 million won (~US$29,000) was raised.

Editor’s note: There are some errors in the original Korean article. The eleven-year-old is a girl, and not a boy as mentioned. Also, Seohyun was not even present at the event; furthermore, she has donated blood in the past (on the 29 May 2010 episode of We Got Married). Lastly, the dates mentioned are inaccurate. The live portion of this Love Request episode was filmed and aired on the 17th (not the 16th), and the blood drive was held on September 7th.

Source: Nate
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