CeCi magazine’s October cover girl is none other than Girls’ Generation’s Jessica.  She has been showing a more mature and artistic look in magazines lately, and her photo shoot for CeCi continues that trend.  Jessica gives off hints of her “ice princess” image while revealing some fire beneath the surface.  It seems she loves challenging herself with each photo shoot to bring out different images that can capture the audience’s attention and show off her talents as a model.  While Jessica delivering amazing pictures is to be expected, the pictures themselves are quite surprising and are sure to get people talking.  In addition to the photo shoot, she sat down for an interview.  In her trademark matter-of-fact style, Jessica answers questions about her “cold” image and what it takes for nine members to perform as one.

Jessica is a “star”.  She emits light on her own and gives energy to those around her.  Designer Son Jungwan openly chooses Jessica as her muse.  Their meeting at Son Jungwan’s fashion show four years ago was the start of their relationship.  “[I was] thirsty for a challenge.  I needed a young muse to help move me.  As soon as I saw Jessica, I thought, ‘Ah, if it’s this girl, I could get some inspiration.’  At the time, Jessica had the desire of taking off her cute idol singer image, and as soon as I saw her she yelled out, ‘I want to find a side of me that I didn’t even know existed, so please help me!'”  Jessica thinks whether she’s just Jessica or Girls’ Generation’s Jessica,  she has to shine.  For her most shining moment, she doesn’t spare herself physically.

Jessica is cool about anything.  “Either way, this is me” is what she says.  She was called “ice princess” when she first debuted.  People assumed Jessica was like this, matter of factly.  “I completely understand them thinking that.   There are faces that always look nice.  Because I don’t look nice, I hear that I look coy/prim often, and so I try to laugh or smile more when people are around.  But honestly, it doesn’t mean that I’m in a bad mood.  It’s because I don’t have that many expressions.  Myself and my younger sister, Krystal, are kind of like that, too.  We look cold.  People sometimes get the wrong idea, but I don’t dislike it.  Once you actually get to know us, rather than “always-looking-nice faces”, we could be a lot less cold.”

When you see male idols’ consistent dances or bboying, the enjoyment ends at “Wow. You’re pretty good!”, but nine girls lining up, controlling everything without a hint of a mistake, it causes an awe-inspiring reaction of, “How do they do that?”  Just how much have they practiced?  Because I’m a also a girl, it makes my heart wrench.  They’ve probably gotten the question, “How much do you practice to create such a performance?”, but her response was unexpectedly great. “Wow!  I really think we do this because there are people that think of us like that.  We practice a lot.  Looking through the broadcast, it looks like we’re just praciting to stand on stage for three to five minutes.  It’s not just because we practice, but also because of the staff that works just as hard.  We’re thankful when people acknowledge that and sad when they don’t.”  It’s a straight answer, but it isn’t gift-wrapped.  She isn’t show-offy and isn’t light.  That’s why Jessica is chic.

More pictures of Jessica from CeCi can be found here.  Jessica shows off a darker, more serious look for this shoot.  She has an ability to draw you in and demand attention with her fierce look, which is perhaps what inspired  designer Son Jungwan four years ago when they met.  October’s CeCi certainly shows Jessica in a different and intriguing light.  As she continues to grow as a model, Jessica seems poised to push boundaries and portray more complex and beautiful images.  What did you think of the photo shoot?

Source: CeCi Magazine
Scans by: Deselim@weibo
Translations by: [email protected]
Written by: [email protected]

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