It was revealed on September 21st that Woongjin Coway will be holding a “Beautiful Auction” event at Times Square in Yeongdeungpo with female idol group Girls’ Generation on the 27th to help women who are neglected.

This event was prepared to support neglected women who are the head of their household to start a new life and become independent.  They will be auctioning off props used by Girls’ Generation during the Woongjin Coway ads.

The event will start on the 27th, and all nine members will be present at Times Square in Yeongdeungpo to introduce each item they’ve prepared to have auctioned.

The official auction will be open through the online auction site ( on the 28th and will be open until the end of next month.  Every week, each member’s item will be sold in order.

The items to be auctioned off will be props seen in Girls’ Generation’s “Coway, Please Take Care Of Mom” series.  These items will include the one-piece worn by Yoona, Yuri’s shirt,  and Taeyeon’s jeans, along with a total of 29 other items that were used by all nine members of Girls’ Generation.

Kang Sungho, director of Woongjin Coway’s marketing department, stated, “This event will be a new way of contributing to society, combining the thoughts of a company and top star advertising models to help women neglected in their household.  All earnings from the auction will be donated to help women who are the head of their households to become independent and find a new life, which is fitting to the Self-Sterilizing Water Purifier Girls’ Generation is currently advertising.”

Meanwhile, Woongjin Coway has been continuing on with the “Coway, Please Take Care Of Mom” campaign with Girls’ Generation after signing them as models for their water purifiers in March of 2011.

Source: E Daily News
Translated by: [email protected]
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