“Global Generation” is still in full effect, as the girls make headlines in Italian news.

On July 25th 2011, the girls appeared on an Italian news channel for the first time. The news channel went on to praise the girls for their beauty and talent, stating how they were a group of nine girls that blossomed into a group that represents South Korea. TG.com also mentioned how successful the girls’ Japanese promotions have been, selling over 500,000 albums, completing a national tour, and winning various awards in both Japan and Korea. Italian news are also aware of how multi-talented the girls are, having participated in a variety of other media including radio DJing, hosting television shows, acting in dramas and comedies, participating in variety shows and photoshoots, and even modeling.

And they do not show any signs of slowing down, for they will be attending prestigious events such as Summer Sonic 2011 and “The K-POP All-Star Live in Niigata” on August 14th and 20th respectively.

Thanks to Senia for sending in the tip.

Source: TG.com
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