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Let’s get straight into the questions for this month!

How much do you think SNSD really thinks of their fans? I know they say they appreciate us a lot but how much do they really think of us fans?
– dytianquin

michaelroni-oppa says:
I don’t think it’s just lip service when they say they think of the fans and love us. I think they genuinely appreciate what we do for them and that they’ve gone out of their way to show it when it wasn’t necessary for them to do so. I’ll cite a few recent examples that specifically involve their acknowledgement of international fans, if only because they stick out in my mind the most. In the press conference for their recent Seoul concert, Yuri mentioned that she saw news stories about how many international fans came to their concert, and that she was appreciative of their support and effort to travel to Seoul to be in attendance. In Sooyoung’s recent fourth anniversary message, she left a P.S. at the end of her message asking for the hardworking international fans to translate her message and spread it around the world. When Yoona traveled to Los Angeles recently, fans gathered around her outside the airport to take pictures and videos. Out of concern for their safety, she reached out to warn them of oncoming traffic, since they were only paying attention to her. These may seem like small things, or the kinds of actions that any normal human being would take, but I view them as small examples of proof that they care for us just as much as we care for them. As a final little indication of the girls’ appreciation for us, I leave this translated quote from Kid Leader Taeyeon’s fourth anniversary message: “To those who have been supporting us since our debut.. and also to everyone who’ve only recently started to show interest… All of you are special to me so I’m thankful to everyone! We always only received from you.. so always.. give us a chance to give back^^ okay?

Procrastinatoress-unnie says: If there’s one thing we can be sure of after the girls have told us countless times on stage, through messages, and during interviews, it’s this: the fans are the reason why Girls’ Generation exist. The relationship between a fan and their idol isn’t one-sided, even if it looks strange on the outside. They love and appreciate us as a whole, as we do them. Imagine if you were a humble super-star like what our girls are. How often would you think of the one who supports you, who loves you unconditionally, and helped you achieve your dream? Well, that’s SONE. Like we are for them, they are thankful for us every single day, and of that I am sure.

Our girls have been so busy recently- if you could decide a vacation destination/itinerary for them, where would you recommend they go and what do you recommend they do there?
– Taeyi

They’ve already been to Paris, of course.

michaelroni-oppa says:
My house….. Ok no, there’s not THAT much interesting stuff to do at my house. Somehow, the first destination that came to my mind was China, specifically Beijing and the surrounding areas. There’s a little something for everyone: high class name brand shopping, haggling with shopkeepers while buying fake merchandise, yummy street food, an impressive nightlife scene, breathtaking cultural sights. But for sure, I would put a trip to see the Great Wall of China on their itinerary. That is, and will probably always be, the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I think the girls would be equally impressed.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says: Well I would send them off on a wild rampage across Japan, because I love that country, but I’ll bet they already ran screaming across Tokyo first chance they got. But seriously, shopping in Shibuya, feeding deer in Nara, gorgeous castles, Mt. Fuji, zen gardens…from the shrines to cities that never sleep; there isn’t a part about that country that ain’t fun!

Do you think its right for companies to say ‘We are creating/is the next 소녀시대?’ as maybe, a part of a marketing scheme?
– doridorisu

michaelroni-oppa says:
It’s just a ploy to get themselves or the groups they’re promoting into the headlines, and when you’re creating a new group, it’s pretty important to get as much exposure as possible (as long as it’s good exposure). I think the mindset that they’re operating under is that “We are creating a group that will be as successful as Girls’ Generation”. There is no “next Girls’ Generation” because there is only one Girls’ Generation. There are a lot worse/dirtier/more underhanded tactics that could be used, so I see no problem with a company or group shooting for the top.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says: It’s attention grabbing, to be sure. Want to make people look? Then dare to challenge the group that currently sits at the very pinnacle of the idol industry – loved by fans and the public alike. It no longer really bothers me at this point; it should probably be taken as a compliment. But I’d like to quote a dear friend who once said something that still sticks in my mind to this day. While he said this in reference to people at one point calling Girls’ Generation the “next DBSK”, the same applies: “They are, and always will be, the first and only Girls’ Generation.”

In the future, which two members do you wish to have a duet song in either their album or during concert?
– anonymous

michaelroni-oppa says:
Sunny and Tiffany! They’ve already done a duet together, covering 4Men’s “I Can’t”, but I want to see something official on an album. I’m always curious to see contrasting vocal styles mixing together for some reason, and those two certainly fit that profile. Sunny’s got the higher-pitched voice (though I’ll be the first to say that she has very impressive range) while Tiffany has that low and husky voice that we all love. I remember watching their appearances on 1000 Song Challenge and falling in love with the way Tiffany harmonized with Sunny when they sang Kim Taewoo’s “Love Rain”. So if anyone at SM Entertainment ever reads this column, I am officially requesting a 2Ny duet!

2Ny’s cover of 4Men’s “I Can’t”.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says: I would say Jessica and Tiffany, but they already have. I’m just into how their voices match so well. Maybe an English one next time? But I think I’d love to hear a SunSic duet! Both have very light and clear singing voices, and have the potential to make some really sweet music. I guess something in a vein similar to the k-pop duo “As One”, or “First Kiss” by BJJ and Hwang Jung-Mi. I love that kind of music, Sunny and Sica’s ranges would be ace at pulling it off!

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