On August 14, Korea’s popular girl group Girls’ Generation appeared on stage and performed at the summer outdoor festival event “Summer Sonic 2011”. Participating at their first summer festival, Girls’ Generation’s performance began shortly after 9pm as the closing act for the “Mountain Stage” at Makuharimesse, which boasts the ability to accommodate about 20,000 people. However, in the middle of their performance there was trouble with the equipment as the sound suddenly stopped. But as the closing act, they finished all of their songs and charmed all the fans at the venue with their singing and dancing.

Girls’ Generation performed on stage outfitted in black boots and black costumes with white shoulders. Right off the bat, they started off with their Japanese debut song “GENIE” then went straight into “MR.TAXI”. Afterwards they said, “There are still a lot of people who don’t know about us”. Each member greeted the stadium with their own self-introductions and then continued the performance with “Run Devil Run”, “Let it Rain”, and “Bad Girl”. Last on the list was “THE GREAT ESCAPE”, which was when the trouble with the equipment started and caused all the sound to cut off, which led to a great deal of confusion. However the fans chanted, “One more time”, and once everything had been fixed, Girls’ Generation performed right until the end, working everyone into a frenzy with their electric dance tune. There was also a rare occurrence at the summer festival, as one could see parents bringing along their children from junior high school; it really became a live where you could get to know about the passion of Girls’ Generation’s fan-base.

Following the pattern of previous Summer Sonics, “Summer Sonic 2011” will have a special digest version broadcasted on WOWOW at midnight on
September 16. There are also plans for a broadcast in October.

Stay tuned to Soshified for more updates on the broadcast. Pictures from the performance and the Summer Sonic press conference can be found here.

Source: Mantan-web
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