Girls’ Generation is once again demonstrating its diverse fanbase as fans from all over the world gathered in South Korea to attend the girls’ second solo concert, the 2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR.

Domestic fans along with overseas fans from countries like the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong made up the 10,000 audience who filled up the stadium to watch the girls perform live for their second concert day earlier today. A fan from Boston, known as Eddie, smiled brightly and commented, “Seeing Girls’ Generation directly made my heart seem to stop and tremble, I’m looking forward to them staging a comeback”.

The girls seemed to have known about the presence of international fans, as they tried to speak in other languages like English and Chinese to allow the audience to better understand them. Media crew from all over the world also joined in and participated in covering the concert, ranging from the China CCTW and Reuters to the Taiwan and Singapore press.

Even though this marks the first Girls’ Generation concert in South Korea for the year 2011, their skills have noticeably improved when compared to their first solo concert. The members commented that “We held a Japan Arena Tour and performed 14 times in the country, so we’ve grown a lot and will show you our polished skills.” Covering 32 songs within three hours at each concert for the Japan tour, it became apparent that the girls would naturally improve with experience.

Throughout the concert, Girls’ Generation showed off their intense choreography and ran all over the stadium energetically to interact with the fans. Despite this, the girls still managed to sing most of their songs live, further impressing the audience present. The girls commanded attention from the opening stage where they emerged in striking outfits and intense expressions. They appeared in the middle of the stage with their song “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, projecting an image and aura that would lead fans to a realm of fantasy.

The girls sang Japanese songs like “I’m in Love with the Hero” and Korean hit songs like “Hoot”. They also presented elaborate stages like standing on moving boats on stage as they sang “My Child”. The girls also did not disappoint with their overall image as they changed outfits periodically and yet still managing to keep the momentum going.

With nine different members and colors, Girls’ Generation also took advantage of the moment to highlight each member’s brimming talents. Each of the girls took on different English songs to present their different strengths. Jessica left the audience breathless as she sang her rendition of “Almost” while playing the piano, while tallest member Sooyoung sang and danced to popular song “Sway”. Seohyun, on the other hand, received applause after her surprising tap dance showcase.

The concert as a whole moved fluidly and at a fast pace. The crowd sang together with the members especially during the more popular songs, and did fan chants to cheer the girls on. A college student from Suwon said, “The fans from different countries are all equally loved and I’m proud of Girls’ Generation. K-Pop these days is very popular overseas that even we who are here can feel the heat.”

The highlight of the day, however, would have to be the special event initiated and organized by the fans themselves. They arranged for everyone in the audience to hold a small banner which said “We missed you” and to hold it up after the girls finished singing their song “Complete”. The image of an integrated audience who held up the white paper in harmony brought tears to both fans and the girls alike. It was clear that the connection holding them together was not many-faceted, but rather one filled with pure love and understanding towards one another. Some of the members and parts of the audience could not stop crying even as the concert progressed.

The concert also saw the attendance of massive stars like Super Junior members, Jung Ryeowon, Kim Soohyun, Kim Ahjoong and Park Minyoung. Park Seungil, an ex-professional basketball player who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease and who shares a special relationship with the members was present as well. Girls’ Generation’s family members also came to show their support.

The nine members of Girls’ Generation held a press conference prior to the start of the concert to talk about topics like their popularity overseas. The second concert day has officially ended, and the second solo concert has managed to gather a total of 20,000 fans for the past two days. The girls will release more news about their overseas concerts in the coming future.

You can view more press photos of the second solo concert here. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Daum
Written by: [email protected]

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