As was mentioned before, MBC broadcast “Feel Good Day” on June 30th in which they interviewed Girls’ Generation and talked about their popularity and their Japanese tour.

During the program, “Feel Good Day” also broadcast video from Girls’ Generation’s trainee days, as well as footage of their auditions and even some of the vintage MBC show “Manwon Happiness” when Yoona was a participant.

Another part of the June 30th “Feel Good Day” broadcast included a few members from fellow SM Entertainment group Super Junior. Heechul, Leeteuk, and Shindong dressed up as Lady Gaga and Beyonce for performances during the “SMTOWN Live in Paris” concert. Before Heechul went up on stage, he said, “I’m prettier than Girls’ Generation,” while standing next to the girls.

A third part talks about the girls’ diet and eating habits. During the program, Sunny said, “People think that we’re on diets and only eat a little bit, but we eat so much that it surprises our managers. We’re eating regularly and getting enough rest, so you don’t have to worry about us.” Yoona similarly stated, “We’re really doing a good job eating regularly. I don’t know where people got the idea that ‘Girls’ Generation members are on diets’. We’re eating well and we’re strong.” Yuri also said, “The diet that was revealed a while ago was not true. I make sure to eat three meals a day and I enjoy exercising.” The “Girls’ Generation diet” that the three members are referring to is the one that was revealed at the beginning of this year on SBS’s Lunar Near Year Special “What Are Stars Doing?” In it, they stated that Girls’ Generation’s diet consisted of seasonal greens, five broccoli heads, 100 grams of chicken breast, and 150 grams of brown rice, among other things, to form a 1,500 kilocalorie diet.

Sources: Newsen, Nate, Nate
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