After wrapping up the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS concerts, Girls’ Generation flew back to Japan to continue their Arena Tour. Along with the huge crowd, AKB48 member Matsubara Natsumi has also attended the concert. Along with a few of her fellow members, the Japanese star managed to squeeze in some time to take a picture with the nine girls, and blogged it afterwards, showing how happy she was to be able to watch Girls’ Generation live.

The translation of her post:

I went to see their performance!!!

Their styles are too good ~( ̄□ ̄; )!!

They are cute, they dance and sing well….


I thought again that I should do my best dieting.

Suddenly, I can’t even stretch my legs.

In your opinion, which other popular stars would come and attend the girls’ upcoming concerts?

Source: Matsubara Natsumi’s Blog
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