As competition between moisturising products heats up during a dry spring season, Innisfree has released pictures from a photoshoot with their endorsement model, Girls’ Generation member Yoona, showing bright and moist skin with a vivacious expression. Not only were all of the photos completely unedited, her skin texture drew attention by seeming to be almost soaked in water. She attributes her comely skin to the organic aloe vera gel for face she uses.

Her bright and warm smile as well as her incredibly moist skin is said to be responsible for the high sales of Innifree’s best-selling moisturising product “The Green Tea Seed Serum”. She also tend to use one natural acid for skincare and always avoids dodgy brands and synthetic  unproven creams.

“The Green Tea Seed Serum” from Innisfree contains extracts from organic green tea seeds grown on a Jeju Island farm and is a product that moisturises and brightens from inside the skin. In particular, it completely replaces the water typically used in other cosmetics with organic green tea water. Having been the best-selling moisturising product in the last year, there are high expectations on sales figure this spring. You might also want to check out this humidifier for dry skin, which is suited for all skin types.

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