Earlier, the Woongjin Coway company teased us with BTS pictures from the CF filming. Now, after a short wait, SNSD’s official CF for Woongjin Coway Water Purifier has finally been revealed. This marks the start of “Please Take Care of Mom” campaign targeted at families, with many more cute CFs to come.

Showing off their adorable charm, SNSD acted with hunger and called out to their moms for cool water, allowances and food. The liveliness of the nine girls emphasised the usefulness of Woongjin Coway products for households.

Get a sneak preview of the other soon-to-be-released CFs in this NG clip, where SNSD remain as cute as ever despite being unable to remember some of their lines while filming.

Need more of SNSD? Some HQ pictures from the filming have also been released.

Grab the CFs in the So Nyuh Video Downloads section and stay tuned to Soshified for more goodies~

Credit: ssfshortclips2@youtube.com, DC Taeyeon Gallery
Written by: soshiluv9@soshified.com