After a month of waiting, Vita500 has finally released their commercial spots featuring Girls’ Generation. Each girl is featured in her own fifteen second commercial with a Vita500 bottle that has her respective face on it. Another fifteen second CF features all nine girls eating apples to get more vitamin C, and both fifteen and thirty second ads take parts from each girl’s individual shoot and put them together. The girls wear light-colored clothes fit for springtime in the commercials, and show their individual personalities in each one. Behind-the-scenes footage has also been released for all of the fifteen second commercials. Both the commercials and behind-the-scenes footage have been subbed by SoShi Subs, and can be viewed below or at ssfshortclips2 on YouTube. Feel free to explain in the comments section which commercial is your favorite as well.

Source: Vita500, [email protected]
Written by: [email protected]