SNSD are the stars of the Korean Boom in Japan and has been selected as the 2nd power group in Japan.

Japan’s “Nikkei Entertainment!” used last year’s average sales to predict the power ranking for Japanese girl groups this year.

According to Nikkei’s ranking, #1 goes to the Japanese SNSD, AKB48 they sold 679,000 copies and #2, SNSD sold 121,000 copies. KARA was selected as #3 and Perfume followed them at #4.

[TL Note: I’m not sure which numbers they’re using, because AKB for a fact sold way more than 679,000 copies. Their one single last year “Ponytail to Shushu” sold 679,000 alone. AKB actually sold a total of 3,474,000 copies last year averaging 694,800 copies per single. With that fact, I’m really not sure how accurate the numbers are in this ranking or where Nikkei got their information. So, please take this ranking with a grain of salt.]

Source: Japanese Joins