It turns out that Girls’ Generation filmed a CF for vitamin drink, garnering a lot of attention from people.

Recently, Girls’ Generation filmed a CF for company G’s vitamin drink. In the videos uploaded on Girls’ Generation’s fansites, each of the 9 members talk about the importance of vitamin C while holding the vitamin drink from company G.

The video that starts with the line “Why can’t humans and monkeys synthesize vitamins on their own?” expressed the unique cuteness and brightness that Girls’ Generation has. Also, they expressed the image of a vitamin supplement drink very well.

Netizens who saw the video said, “they’re really really cute!” “I like this CF best out of all the recent ones,” “They all look so unique,” “This is a kind of CF I’ve never seen but it’s creative,” “really cute and bright!” showing an explosive reaction.

On the other hand, now that they found out that there are 9 different versions for each of the members, the netizens are curious for the rest of the Cfs.

*company G refers to Kwangdong Pharmacy

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You can view/download the CFs here:…a500-making-of/
You can view the subbed CFs here:…-released-r1530