During the LA Meet Up that we had at the beginning of January, SONEs were asked to tweet http://twitter.com/smentusa their wishes from Girls’ Generation and three lucky winners’ wishes were going to be chosen and granted. The first wish has been granted! It was a wish from Andrew Chi, one of our staff members. He wished that Girls’ Generation would wish Soshified a ‘Happy Birthday’!

(Tiffany wrote “Happy Birthday Soshified” on the top left corner; Each girl had their signatures on it and some left little personal messages like ‘Tae yeon loves Soshified’ or ‘You know what?! I

Aren’t the girls’ handwriting cute? Let’s continue to be a site that the girls can cherish and be a part of! What an excellent birthday surprise for us! Happy Birthday everyone! Thanks again Andrew for the thoughtful wish!

PS. Tiffany wrote ‘TTYS’ which means ‘Talk To You Soon’ so you guys better stay on Soshified 24/7 :)

On a side note also the girls’ choreographer, Rino Nakasone and labelmate Isak both wished Soshified a happy birthday as well. Soshified is probably the coolest three year old I know!

Credit to http://twitter.com/smentusahttp://twitter.com/realisakhttp://twitter.com/RinOkinawa

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