Composer/singer Park Sunzoo recently praised SNSD’s Taeyeon’s singing.

On the 1st, Park Sunzoo updated her Twitter reading, “Since when did our Taeyeon sing so well? You amazing girl~! You got first place, you got first place~” complimenting Taeyeon’s singing.

Following the release of the duet single ‘Different’ by Taeyeon and Kim Bumsoo on the 31st, it ranked at the top of realtime music charts on the 1st.

Park Sunzoo wrote and composed ‘Different’, and also took place in the narration at the beginning of the song.

Netizens left comments towards her tweet saying, “Our Taeyeon first place, first place”, “Girl group idol that sings well”, and, “How amazing!”

Translated by: ch0sshi
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