SNSD ate ‘Pork fat tonkotsu ramen*’!
The 9 beautiful legged group, who conquered Japan, surprisingly have ‘a substantial meal’ as their favorite food.

”This is dangerous” ” Their legs are so nice”
In the lodgings of the Soccer Asian Cup, Kagawa and Nagatomo are chatting like this, as the video plays.
The moment they saw pictures of SNSD they got excited. It seems that even the Japanese representatives got completely captivated by their opponent, the Korean idols.
The last friday night of January SNSD were staying in Japan. The girls went to a long-established ramen shop in the downtown area.
Five of the members went to the ramen shop. Because it was crowded they couldn’t sit together so 3 members sat at the counter.
On this day they appeared live on a music program. (MusicStation) During the program one of the members asked to recommend a good ramen shop.
It seems that immediately after the show they went to eat it.
The ramen shop the girls went to specializes in tonkotsu ramen, where the pork fat surfaces.
I think these are considerably high calories for the girls, whose attraction point are their fine and long beautiful legs…
Because of this occasion how about for their next PV the 9 girls gather around the counter and line up with their beautiful legs?

* tonkotsu ramen is pork broth ramen

source cr: 개소문 & bestiz
translation by [email protected]