Continuing the Hallyu craze that girl groups created last year, a Korean producer will start his Hallyu activities.

PJ (real name: Park Soojong), who produced ‘Marshmallow’ and ‘Baby’, participated in producing Japanese girl group AKB48’s album, which was released on December 8. After finding that out, people are having high expectations of the first Hallyu producer.

AKB48’s ‘Team-A’ single album, which PJ participated in producing, was ranked first in the Oricon monthly chart and sold over 700,000 albums.

People are saying that PJ’s entrance into the Japanese market is the first step in letting people know of Korea’s excellent music. He is currently absorbed in producing for the albums of SNSD (their first Japanese album) and Nakashima Mika.

Reporter: TVDaily’s Intern Reporter Kwak Hyunsoo
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