SNSD are enchanted!? The start of the new E-ma Nodome CM

Mikakutou held the launch of the new E-ma Nodome (throat candy) CM in Tokyo. The K-pop idol group SNSD, who acted in the new CM, attended the launch, which was followed by a talk show afterwards; the CM will be aired nation-wide starting February 26th (today).

In this CM, SNSD is gathered around a big European-style dining table and are enchanted by the E-ma throat candy that comes down from above while every member stays still, and the camera films them. It was filmed with an analogue stop motion technique.

About the CM appearance, Taeyeon revealed, “When I first heard about us appearing in the CM, I thought it was a big honor. We are singers, and because of our job, where we often use our throat, I think candy that is good for your throat is very meaningful.”

This is their first CM shooting in Japan. “The set was pretty and we could shoot with a good mood,” said Yoona. “This was the first time we shot one scene for so long! We couldn’t blink, and we couldn’t move our hands, but it was really fun,” said Hyoyeon, who was very satisfied. About the CM set, Tiffany confessed, “There were fish placed on the table. At first, I thought they put them there to scare us (laughs);” she further reflected,“but the set was just like the world in the fairytale ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It was very pretty.” When we asked what Jessica does to protect her throat she answered, “I drink warmed lemonade.” Taeyeon, who heard an original cosmetic technique, revealed, “I use a collagen face lotion or mist (spray); I apply it often when I come to Japan or when I’m in Korea.”

At the end, Sooyoung promoted, “The SNSD members filmed this CM pleasantly, so please anticipate it. Eat a lot of E-ma Nodome.”

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