On February 10th Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Tiffany, Sunny, and Jessica, the six members of Girls’ Generation who were recently signed on as models for Christian Dior cosmetics, made an appearance at SBS’s Midnight TV Entertainment to talk about their new experience filming a Dior CF. While the segment was short, it was full of hilarious and cute moments.

The girls looked as radiant and cheery as ever, both in beauty and personality. As always, Hyoyeon threw in some unexpected phrases at the most perfectly awkward timing, making for huge laughs. Jessica seemed almost unable to hold her composure throughout the interview, while Sooyoung wittily commented that before joining Girls’ Generation, she was the most beautiful girl she knew, to the delight of many.

One large focus of the interview was that while everyone got to act nice and pretty in the CF, Yuri transformed into mean girl (a beautiful mean girl, mind you). She yelled at a young man in the CF before throwing some sheets of paper unto the floor. Afterwards, Yuri’s cello playing skills were revealed for all to see!

Finally, Tiffany and Sunny commented on their shockingly different make-up habits, and Tiffany revealed what other CF she’d like to film. All in all it’s one of those short but sweet delights. It may be just a few minutes long, but it’s so full of the girls being themselves that any SONE would be delighted to watch it.

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Credit: soshisubs@dailymotion
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