Even though it’s rumored that Girls’ Generation is currently taking a vacation now from their activities, the girls appeared on the latest episode of the Japanese drama, Sazae-san 3 on Fuji TV (on January 2, 2010).

This is the first time that a foreign artist/guest was honored with airtime on this drama so it’s quite an accomplishment for the girls.

The girls were shown with cute matching pink golf outfits. They didn’t say much in the cut except for simple things in Japanese like “Congratulations, Namiyasan. Namiyasan is amazing” and “We are Girls’ Generation and we can sing and dance”. Their Japanese version of ‘Gee’ was played in the background of the show though.

Although it was a short appearance, it will surely help exposure the girls to a more diverse Japanese audience. Maybe one day, we’ll see one of the girls starring in their own Japanese drama or the very least give them the opportunity to appear on more Japanese variety-shows in the near future.

This was filmed prior to Tiffany’s injury so therefore all nine girls were present which is a treat for all SONEs plus why would a scene with matching pink outfits ever be complete with Tiffany. The girls will appear on the Korean variety-show Come to Play on MBC as well on January 3, 2010, make sure to stream it with us. This is also pre-recorded so it looks like the girls are getting a much needed and deserved break.

Editor: Soy @ soshified.com
Video: TheSoneSource19 @ youtube.com
Translations: Kkabbekky @ soshified.com