A little special surprise for our French SONEs. You’ll be able to catch Girls’ Generation on your local televisions on Monday (January 3, 2011)! It appears that the girls will be appearing in part of a special segment on “Un Oeil sur la Planète (An Eye on the Planet)” as shown in the teaser above.

This weekly show usually focus on a different country and this week’s topic country will be South Korea and well how can you have a special about South Korea and not include the nation’s artist as part of the broadcast. Usually their broadcasts include interviews and such both for this broadcast there is going to be a special segment on Korean Pop culture with an exclusive look inside the industry with SM Entertainment.

According to a past source this segment was originally supposed to air in mid-Decemeber but ended up being postponed and is now airing in January 2011.

Although it’s uncertain how long they will talk about the girls or whether they even go into details about the girls this might be a good prelude to a possible Girls’ Generation World Tour because it seems like the ‘Korean Wave’ is starting to be more apparent in the European countries. For more information on the program as well as local listing check out the program’s website. French fans should record the show and tell us how it goes! To be honest I kind of want to watch the segment as well even though I can only imagine how hard it will be for me to comprehend the show with my high-school entry-level French speaking skills.

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