SNSD’s Yuri and miss A member Min’s heartwarming interaction has become popular topic.

During the recent MBC Gayo Daejun, while greeting other singers on the show, Yuri held Min’s hand. Yuri petted shy Min’s shoulder after pulling her to the middle of the stage, and helped her end her greeting. Also, after Min said, “Happy new year,” Yuri could be seen hugging and encouraging her.

Fans seemed surprised at this interaction between the two idols. They commented, “I thought girl groups would have a bit of a war of nerves between each other, so this is a little unexpected”, “It’s nice seeing Yuri helping Min so kindly like an older sister”, and, “Min seemed to have gained confidence to send her greeting after Yuri’s encouragement. It looked heartwarming.”

Translated by: ch0sshi
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