Singer Kim Janghoon put on a different kind of performance by giving SNSD’s Taeyeon a surprise hug.

On the 20th, Kim Janghoon appeared on stage to perform with PSY, who won the best album award, at the 20th Seoul Music Awards.

While singing his single ‘I’m A Man’, Kim Janghoon stepped off the stage towards SNSD, who were cheering them on. He proceeded to holding Taeyeon’s hand, then held her head and hugged her, surprising Taeyeon.

When the audience started yelling, Kim Janghoon yelled, “Be quiet,” causing laughter amongst them. After watching this, PSY commented, “You’re a fool,” causing laughter once again.

Kim Janghoon continued to sing while hugging Taeyeon and said, “It’s okay because it’s an award show,” which Taeyeon nodded to.

This award show distributed a daesang, along with awards for rookies and every other musical genre to those that lead the music world in 2010.

Translation by: ch0sshi
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