Songwriter Ahn Youngmin spoke highly of SNSD member Taeyeon’s singing skills.

On the 11th, Ahn Youngmin updated his Cyworld mini homepage with a post titled ‘Taeyeon-I Love You (Athena o.s.t)’. He wrote, “This is my second time working with Taeyeon. I wrote the lyrics for ‘Like A Star’, while I wrote, composed, and arranged this song. I was surprised that Taeyeon was so good at singing. How should I put this? Because the song has many mature sides to it, I can’t say I didn’t worry. It was like, making me want to cry while [she was] singing.” He added, “Not even an hour into it, the song was complete, and I remember applauding. I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her because I get the thought that her singing and sensitivity is being covered by the title of an idol.”

Ahn Youngmin ended his entry by writing, “I think I modified the song ‘I Love You’ hundreds of times. I hope the song will shine as much as the effort put into making it. Give lots of love to ‘Athena’, lots of love to Taeyeon, and listen to ‘I Love You’ a lot.”

Last month, Ahn Youngmin participated in writing the lyrics for Taeyeon and The One’s digital single, ‘Like A Star’. Upon its release, ‘Like A Star’ took the number one spot on various music charts, causing a ‘ballad wave’.

Taeyeon’s new single ‘I Love You’ is the OST for SBS ‘Athena’, which aired its first on the 13th. It is a ballad that is about a girl trying to hold onto her love she is separating with. The music video containing Taeyeon’s pure voice, and music by Ireland Whistle with a 50-member orchestra, was released on the 10th. The video reached the number one spot on various portal sites’ search engines. Taeyeon has a track record for making OST singles a hit, from her MBC ‘Beethoven Virus’ single ‘Can You Hear Me’ and ‘If’ from the KBS ‘Hong Gil Dong’ OST. Many are expecting ‘I Love You’ to receive positive responses.

After completing their promotions for ‘Hoot’, SNSD has been showing off their talents on different variety shows. SNSD also ranked at number one for the Tower Records 2010 top selling K-pop albums chart, showing off their popularity in both Korea and Japan.

Translated by: ch0sshi
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