Japanese SNSD fan wished for Tiffany to get well.

In a recent entertainment board, there was a picture titled “Japanese SONE (SNSD fanclub) Wishes Tiffany to Get Well” that came up and caught attention. This picture is what Japanese fans are preparing for an ad containing wishes for Tiffany’s speedy recovery.

“Fany Fany Tiffany, the whole world is missing you. We sincerely hope you get better quickly, “ as fans in the café expressed sadness. Currently, fans in Japan are fundraising to run the ad in the paper.

Tiffany on the 14th fell on the stage during a ‘Hoot’ performance. From left knee scan results, she has been diagnosed with posterior cruciate ligament injury, in which she needs to be in a cast for four weeks.

Afterwards, SNSD did activities as 8 members and on the 21st, they won 1st place in SBS Inkigayo, saying, “Tiffany! We won 1st place again. We hope you get better so we can all stand together on the stage.”

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